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Archives for August, 2011


POLL: Would You Rather Lose Weight Or Win An Oscar?

See that lovely lady to the left? That's actress, singer, and Weight Watchers spokesperson Jennifer Hudson at the 2011 Academy Awards. She wasn't nominated for an Oscar at that ceremony, but she was there, looking fit and sparkly and beautiful.

That's what losing a bunch of weight (and having the money to dress yourself up in diamonds - or, the fame to borrow them from jewelers) will do for you.

However, back in 2007 Hudson did win...
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MTV Introduces New VMA Category: ‘Best Video With A Message’

Adam Levine watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night?

Better yet, did you?

MTV premiered a new VMA category last night, "Best Video With A Message." Although she was up against some pretty tough competition (Eminem and Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kary Perry, Rise Against, and Pink), Lady Gaga took home the Moonman for "Born This Way."

According to Reuters, the "Best New Video With A Message" was created to "honor artists and...
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Heidi Montag On Plastic Surgery: ‘I Wish I Didn’t Do It’

Imagine waking up one morning, after spending more than $30,000 on 10 plastic surgery procedures (think new breasts, a brow lift, and tons of liposuction), to realize that, hey, maybe you didn't want to do that, after all.

Apparently, that's what's happened to Heidi Montag.

If the title of this post sounds familiar to you, that's because it is. Back in January 2010, Montag talked publicly about the multiple plastic surgery procedures she's had, claiming she...
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Adam Levine ‘Drawing A Line’ Against MTV Video Music Awards


Adam Levine is just not feelin' the music industry these days (well, parts of it, anyway) and he is not shy about admitting it.

Yesterday, the Maroon 5 frontman and music coach on The Voice tweeted that the MTV's Video Music Awards (VMAs) was "the one day a year MTV still pretends to care about music" (and the followed up with some choice phrases for the channel).

Not to be outdone, MTV immediately
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Weekend Reading: Noel Gallagher Has No Use For Comfort Zones

Noel Gallagher (former lead guitarist and songwriter for the super ridiculously amazing English rock band Oasis - as if you didn't know) has a new project, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, with a new album, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (I'm diggin' the continuity) coming out in October 2011.

("The Death of You and Me," the first single off Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds debut album, was released last Tuesday.)

Though Gallagher released solo material in...
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Rebecca Black Is Bullied, Finds Support From Lady Gaga

Maybe you love her. Maybe you want to claw out your eardrums each time you hear her music. Regardless of your feelings about Rebecca Black, chances are high you're familiar with the Internet celebrity. The 14-year-old "Friday" singer had a dream and, with the help of her Mom (who reportedly paid $4,000 to record the song & video), made it come true -

- to the tune of an MTV O Music Award Nomination, a...
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Jennifer Aniston Gets Naked For Charity

If you've ever wanted to see Jennifer Aniston naked, now's your chance.

Well, not really (at least, I'm guessing not really!), but that genius Ben Stiller realized that he could probably draw some attention to The Stiller Foundation if he tells people it's actually called the See Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation because, hey, lots of people want to see Jennifer Aniston naked.

(Eat your heart out, Brad.)

Although The Stiller Foundation, which launched in 2010, isn't really about...
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Enter To Win A Free Copy Of ‘The Rules Of The Tunnel’

The entry period is over and comments are closed. Thanks for entering and/or stopping by!

Now that you know a little bit about Ned Zeman's new memoir The Rules of the Tunnel: My Brief Period of Madness, how would you like a copy of your very own?

For free?

Thanks to the good people over at Gotham Books, it's possible (as long as you're a resident of the United States or Canada):

Leave a comment under this post...
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Weekend Reading: ‘The Rules Of The Tunnel’ By Ned Zeman

Quite often, we read about the highs and lows of celebrities.

Jennifer Lopez is getting divorced. Julia Roberts might star in a new film. Colin Farrell seems to be holding it together pretty well since he started rehab. He even acted as a games spokesperson for the Special Olympics a few years ago, right?

Some writer who caught a break (or made the right connections at Harvard, or, I don’t know, had some talent) caught up with...
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Kings Of Leon Documentary To Highlight Alcohol Problems

Plan on watching Talihina Sky: The Story of the Kings of Leon on Showtime this Sunday?

Then prepare yourself for a pretty raw look at lead singer Caleb Followill's problems with alcohol and how those problems have (and still are) affecting the band.

As you might already know, earlier this month Kings of Leon announced they were canceling the remainder of their summer tour dates due to what the band's representative called Caleb's "vocal issues and...
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