The Oscar-, Golden Globe-, and Grammy-winning Jennifer Hudson’s hard work definitely has paid off in the past (as if that abbreviated list of awards wasn’t proof enough).

She’s one of the precious few American Idol finalists to see the inside of a recording studio after Idol, and released her second album – I Remember Me – just a few months ago. She starred in Dreamgirls with the likes of Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, and Danny Glover back in 2006, and she’s signed on to portray Sister Rosemary in the big screen adaptation of The Three Stooges, due out in 2012.

Oh, and she’s also one of the most in-your-face Weight Watchers spokeswomen since I don’t know when, and that took hard work, too, as she lost a whopping 80 pounds – going from a size 16 to a size 6.

But, will the singer/actress/spokeswoman get to add “author” to her list of accolades any time soon?

Only if she agrees to cash in on her tragic past, apparently.

Hudson’s been marketing her new weight loss book to publishers, but her $1 million price tag isn’t catching any buyers –

– unless she agrees to talk about how she coped with the 2008 murders of her mother, brother, and nephew.

Although it might seem a little heartless at first, publishers reportedly A) don’t want to pay that much money for a weight loss book (which is entirely understandable), and B) Hudson herself was thinking about addressing the tragedy in a memoir as recently as last December, but apparently changed her mind.

Thus far, Hudson’s doesn’t seem to be budging (with the price or content) of this particular book.

Image Credit: WCHI News per these Creative Commons License Attributions.