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Paul Simon On Eminem: “He’ll Regret It.”

The ink’s been long dried on this weekend’s “Weekend Reading” (this particular Rolling Stone issue hit stands several weeks ago, though you can still access it online, via the mag’s digital archives, or from that buddy who has a subscription) so I won’t even call it that, but I didn’t want to pass up one of the stories.

The April 29 issue of Rolling Stone includes a feature article about Paul Simon, during which the singer-songwriter speaks about some helpful advice he received from a therapist, how he hopes he and former Simon and Garfunkel member Art Garfunkel can reschedule the tour they had to cancel last summer, and his ex-wife, Carrie Fisher.

Although Simon and Fisher were only married for about as long as it takes to recover from a good sneezing attack, Fisher – author, Jenny Craig spokeswoman, and mental health advocate – has apparently written at length about their marriage, something Simon tells Rolling Stone she’s entitled to do.

However, it’s not his direct response to Fisher’s outspokenness that piqued my curiosity; instead, it’s his opinion about rapper Eminem’s.

As he’s explaining why he thinks it’s best to keep one’s private life private, Simon says (*snicker*):

I see Eminem out there talking about his family and his kids, and I think 10 or 15 years from now he’ll regret it.

Obviously, mum has not been the word when it comes to Eminem and his dealings with his two-time ex-wife Kimberly Scott, birth daughter Hailie, and his mother. And, we already know some of those dealings didn’t end pleasantly. (Both Scott and Eminem’s mother sued the rapper for slander and defamation, respectively.)

Still, I wonder if Simon’s prediction will come true on a deeper, non-financial level in years to come.

Eminem has used the various ups and downs of his life (including his drug addiction and recovery) in his art, and although I don’t think he’d fail as a rapper without having used his personal life, I don’t think his career would have been – or would be – quite what it is today.

In short, the foundation of so much of his material – his livelihood – is his brazen candor.

But will he regret that later?

What do you think?

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Paul Simon On Eminem: “He’ll Regret It.”

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