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Mental Health Month: Lessons From Ozzy Osbourne

Yes, Ozzy Osbourne.

Here in the South, we have a disclaimer of sorts. It begins with “God Bless…” and follows up with someone’s name or, more commonly, that person’s heart or soul. It means well enough, but more often than not it’s used as a preamble by a speaker who’s getting ready to do some lightweight gossiping, complaining, insulting, or overall trash talking.

I imagine God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, the new Jack Osbourne-produced documentary about former Black Sabbath frontman and rock icon Ozzy Osbourne, does just that – minus the lightweight.

During the past four decades of his music career – and even personal life – Ozzy Osbourne has had few secrets. From biting the head off a bat to nearly strangling his wife Sharon Osbourne to death, someone somewhere has been witness to the kinds of dangerous, disturbing, and life-threatening behavior that takes over when a person loses all control to alcohol and drug addiction.

Of his antics – including his behavior during The Osbournes filming – Ozzy says:

I’m not proud of all that. But it’s been part of my journey.

So what’s the lesson?

Own your journey.

Remember when we talked about turning lemons into lemonade last week? Taking those eyebrow-raising or unfortunate parts of our lives and turning them into something good? Something from which we, or others, can benefit? Learn?

Owning your journey follows the same idea.

Every step you’ve taken in life – every high and low, every win and lose – has made you who you are today, and I can tell you from first-hand experience, you’ll like that person a whole lot more if you own those highs and lows and wins and loses. Hiding, denying, or refusing to accept responsibility for the pit stops, potholes, road forks, and green lights that you’ve encountered during your own journey is like turning your back on yourself – not to mention creating a whole new kind of road block.

You can keep up with God Bless Ozzy Osbourne updates, video clips, and interviews at the film’s Facebook page.

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Mental Health Month: Lessons From Ozzy Osbourne

Alicia Sparks

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