Author and celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman released a new book last November, and according to her, there are quite a few parallels between the subject and soon-to-be princess Kate Middleton.

Bad Girls: Why Men Love Then & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets profiles 12 different types of “bad girls” and, according to the description, “will appeal to women who want to learn the secrets hidden in the bad girl book of spells, without truly becoming ‘bad’ themselves, and to men who are licking their wounds.”

How does this fit in with Kate Middleton?

During an exclusive interview with RadarOnline, Lieberman claims Middleton seems to have used some of the very techniques the author describes in the book.

My book talks about how good girls can use bad girl techniques to get their man. I interviewed one hundred men to write this book and they shared their most intimate sexual and emotional experiences with me and I share those with my readers to help them snag their dream man.

To my understanding, Bad Girls doesn’t actually discuss the courtship between and eventual engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton; rather, Lieberman sees a parallel between Middleton’s actions and her own book. She makes those parallels based on some of Middleton’s past behavior regarding William, such as a summertime reinvention of herself during school, going out and being photographed with other guys, and the infamous see-through dress Kate modeled during a charity fashion show.

It’s almost as if Kate read my book, she followed every rule!

And speaking of that infamous dress, Lieberman also told RadarOnline about her plans to try to purchase it at auction and travel with it:

It’s a beacon of hope for good girls everywhere who want to catch their prince. And that’s why I want this dress so much, because it’s a visual icon of what I am teaching in my book. I realize it is going for a lot but I’m willing to make that bid because I love what I can do with that dress, which is to give good girls hope they too will find their prince. I plan on bringing that dress on my travels when I speak to women.

Unfortunately for Lieberman, an unidentified male bidder snagged the dress for €78,000 ($125,871 USD).

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In the meantime, what do YOU think about so-called “bad girl” tactics to hook a guy?

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