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Elizabeth Taylor Mourners Gather Online At Memorial Matters

It’s interesting, the way celebrity deaths affect us. Most of us didn’t actually know – or never even met in passing – the celebrity who has passed away. Still, sometimes something makes us pause and acknowledge the death in more than just an “a human life has ended” sort of way.

For example, I didn’t know Mike Starr, but I’ve known, and know, people with drug addictions. A few years ago I lost a dear friend to a drug overdose.

I didn’t know Nate Dogg, but some of his music – especially “Regulate” – holds a small part of real estate if you walk down my memory late.

I didn’t know Elizabeth Taylor, but I admired her beauty and acting in several movies, and her passion for charity work such as her involvement with AIDS-related fund raising and helping starting the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). My mother used to wear one of her perfumes.

Celebrity deaths affect us in different ways. Not only do they make us sad, naturally, to lose an entertainer we’re fond of, but they make us think about the bigger pictures – even if we weren’t fans. The older ones remind us time marches on, and that we won’t be here forever. The younger ones remind us that we actually have no idea how long we’ll be here.

Sometimes we’re just reminded to avoid taking what life we do have left for granted.

Just as it did for Mike Starr and Nate Dogg earlier this month, the Memorial Matters website is hosting an online memorial for Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Mourners can visit her page, In Remembrance of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, to share memories with other fans, upload photos and videos, and send virtual and real flowers.

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Elizabeth Taylor Mourners Gather Online At Memorial Matters

Alicia Sparks

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