If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can read “Mr. Hannah Montana’s Achy Broken Heart” (the controversial GQ interview with Billy Ray Cyrus) online.

Controversial because, well, during the interview Billy Ray suggests his daughter’s hit Disney show Hannah Montana played a significant role in his family’s unraveling.

Might not see this kind of father/daughter moment for a while.

Sure, he spends the majority of the interview reiterating the fact that even though Miley Cyrus is 18, she is still his daughter and he still wants to take care of her like any father would (which seems perfectly understandable to me).

Yet, when asked outright whether he thought Hannah Montana could be to blame for his family’s problems, Billy Ray answered in the affirmative –

Oh, it’s huge – it destroyed my family. I’ll tell you right now – the damn show destroyed my family. And I sit there and go, ‘Yeah, you know what? Some gave all.’ It is my motto, and guess what? I have to eat that one. I some-gave-all’d it all right. I some-gave-all’d it while everybody else was going to the bank. It’s all sad.

– and not everyone’s happy about it.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, who recently spoke about the Cyrus Clan’s current woes and suggested they might do well to seek out mental health services, told Joy Behar that instead of placing the blame on Hannah Montana, Billy Ray should focus on the multiple roles he played in his family’s disintegration. Dr. Drew points out that Billy Ray is the “sweetest, nicest man you’d ever want to meet” but that there were numerous blurred lines between his and Miley’s relationship as friends, co-stars, and family.

Miley, who will appear on the cover of the March 2011 issue of Marie Claire, doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about the GQ interview, either, and possibly could have been practicing damage control when she reportedly talked her father out of appearing on The View last Wednesday.

Give the interview a look-see and let Celebrity Psychings readers know what you think. Is Billy Ray pointing fingers at the wrong source? Or, is there something to be said for the connection between thrusting your family – and living your life – in the limelight and the meltdowns that follow?

Image Source: DefenseImagery.mil via Wikipedia