So…on the subject of celebrities and rehab

Apparently, Charlie Sheen is completing an in-home rehab.

As in, a rehab program in your home.

If you’re feeling a little clueless right now, don’t worry: You’re not alone.

According to TMZ, he’s already passed multiple drug tests since starting the in-home rehab treatment and E! Online reports Sheen claims he’s ready to get back to work filming Two and a Half Men.

(Sheen also commented that even though he heals quickly, he also unravels quickly, so the Two and a Half Men crew better get moving now – but perhaps we should save that gem for another post?)

I didn’t know anything about in-home rehab treatment until I heard about Charlie Sheen being in one – and, I still kind of don’t. There doesn’t seem to be much online information about in-home rehab (a quick Google will pull up tons of sites about Sheen and in-home treatment as well as some physical and occupational therapy information, but that’s about it). I do have some personal experience with traditional drug rehab programs because I’ve known and visited people who’ve undergone treatment, but I realize that kind of experience is a far cry from actually being in treatment.

So, I turned to Psych Central’s Dr. Grohol, who’s response made me feel a bit less out of touch.

Apparently, in-home rehab isn’t widespread; it’s found mostly among the – you guessed it – rich and famous who can afford the luxury. Too, just because it’s focused solely on one patient doesn’t mean it’s more effective than traditional rehab:

I suppose the primary benefit of in-home therapy services like this is that it lets a person recuperate within their own comfortable, known surroundings and affords a level of privacy not usually available. There’s no research to support its use over traditional services. It’s just something a person who is well-off or has to worry about the negative effects of publicity might turn to.

If Elton John has referred to the rehab programs Billy Joel has attended as “light” because those programs had televisions and didn’t make anyone mop any floors, I wonder what he thinks of a rehab program takes place in the person’s home?

Based on what you know, what do you think of in-home rehab programs? Sound off in the poll below. And, if you have any experience with these kinds of rehabs, feel free to share some insight in the comments.

Image Credit: Angela George