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Lindsay Lohan Grabs 2011 By The…Jewels

And by “jewels,” I mean a $25,000 10-carat diamond Rosette necklace, of course.

But before we get into that, let me say I know some of you are sick of hearing about Lindsay Lohan. I know.

Trust me, I was too for a while.

But because we’ve been bombarded with the good, the bad, and the ugly —

(maybe that should be the hopeful, the suspicious, the speculative, and the perhaps-too-hopeful?)

— it’s only fair that we update and consider what she’s up to now, right?

Lohan rang in the New Year on Twitter, tweeting,

Today is the first day of the rest of my life ‘The future depends on what we do in the present.’ – Mahatma Ghandi… One step at a time…

So far, she seems to be sticking to that.

Despite the “extended investigation” going on regarding Lindsay, Dawn Holland (the former Betty Ford staff member who’s accused Lohan of battering her but whose resolve has since wavered back and forth) and Lindsay’s father Michael’s potential involvement in a bribe of some sort, the actress seems to be hanging in there.

Sources have reported Lindsay has sworn off not only clubs, but also the company of people who frequent the club scene. (Sure, we’ve heard that before, but remember, “One step at a time…”)

Plus, she and ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson seem to be getting along splendidly (which is great considering Lohan actually moved into the place right beside Ronson’s home). Lindsay is also receiving moral (and material?) support from jeweler Pascal Mouawad, who outright gave the actress a 10-carat diamond Rosette necklace, estimated to be worth $25,000.

Mouawad told People:

Lindsay is looking great, she has a positive attitude, and we are looking forward to an amazing 2011 spending a lot of time together.

TMZ has footage of Lindsay heading to a probation appointment at the Santa Monica Courthouse, where random drugs tests are part of her probation. Lindsay looks physically clean and healthy and (to my happy surprise) completely ignores the paparazzi as she heads inside to handle her business.

Although Donald Trump diplomatically told Lindsay “she has to straighten herself out first” before appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, but that “it could happen in the future,” elsewhere on the work front deals seem to be starting to roll in for Lindsay.

And, just a few days ago she posted a sort of sneak peek picture for her Twitter followers that she apparently took while on a break during her photo shoot for JJ Japan (Josei Jishin, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for Japanese college students and office workers).

So there you have it, peeps: some good news to start the week off. And, if Lindsay sticks with it all, some good news that could transform her life for the long haul.

Lindsay Lohan Grabs 2011 By The…Jewels

Alicia Sparks

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