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Ron Artest Thanks Psychiatrist After Lakers Take NBA Championship

This is a couple of weeks old, and I can’t believe I just now read about it, but I’d be such a bad blogger if I didn’t pass it along for those of you who might’ve missed it, too.

It seems that back during the tail-end of the NBA finals (ahh, that’s why I missed this), Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers had someone interesting (unusual? surprising? I’m not sure what the right word is to use here) to thank after the Lakers won the 2010 NBA Championship: his psychiatrist.

SBNation.com shares a video of the interview during which Artest thanks “everybody in my hood” including his psychiatrist, who “really helped [him] relax a lot.”

Is it just me, or did his face really light up when he talked about her?

The Huffington Post almost seems to check this off as another one of Artest’s “bizarre post-game interviews” but I don’t think there’s anything bizarre about it. Interesting, unusual, and surprising, sure – but not bizarre.

And, with athletes like the Kansas City Royals’ Zack Greinke coming out about depression and anxiety, and my buddy former NFL punter Greg Montgomery signing on as the national spokesperson and president of the suicide prevention and mental illness research campaign everyminute.org, maybe the tides are turning in such a way that “bizarre” will eventually be one of the last words we use to describe an athlete who thanks his psychiatrist.

Sports psychology consultant Dr. Nicole Miller tells CBS News, “Athletes come to us to increase performance. It’s one of the last legal drugs.”

Let’s hope it’s one they keep using.

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Ron Artest Thanks Psychiatrist After Lakers Take NBA Championship

Alicia Sparks

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