If you’ve spent any amount of time pilfering around here at Celebrity Psychings, you’re probably already somewhat familiar with the mental health advocacy work of Joe Pantoliano.

After spending years dealing with and learning to manage his own mental health issues, the actor-turned-advocate launched No Kidding, Me Too! (nkm2), a public charity designed to “remove the stigma attached to brain dis-ease through education and the breaking down of societal barriers,” and has toured both the United States and Iraq educating American civilians and soldiers with his documentary of the same name.

Shoot, I even featured him during last May’s Mental Health Month Spotlight.

Now The New York Times is picking up on everything Joey Pants has been doing over the past couple of years (maybe it has something to do with his interview on The Today Show last week?); fortunately, this is one of those “better late than never” situations because the write up, ‘Bad Guy’ Actor ‘Joey Pants’ Takes On Mental Illness, not only brings readers up to speed regarding Joey’s mental health advocacy and campaign work, but also shows them the nkm2 PSA and details about how they can pick up their own copy of the documentary from Amazon.com.

Even if you’re already familiar with Pantoliano’s advocacy work, you might still want to check out the Times article. It also highlights the fundraiser Joey’s holding this month at supermarkets owned by the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company — something you might want to get in on if you live near any of the stores — as well as Two Guys from Hoboken Pèpe & Pants, the pasta sauce he sells with chef Rich Pèpe and which bears the slogan “It’s Crazy Good!”

A declaration perfectly indicative of the celebrity advocate’s refusal to let the stigma of mental illness reign any longer.

Image Source: Penn State per these Creative Commons License Attributions