American Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox was ah-may-zing last night, as per usual (well, in my opinion), but according to some troubling reports last week, we might not have gotten to see Bowersox’s emotional rendition of “People Get Ready” by The Impressions.

According to Y! Music, quoting TMZ, there was an incident last week during which Bowersox said she couldn’t deal with the competition anymore and just wanted to go home to Ohio to be with her family. Idol host Ryan Seacrest supposedly saved the day by sharing a story about how great it felt to buy a house for his mother once he hit it big and that if she kept on keepin’ on, she, too, could buy her momma a house some day.

On the surface, that seems like a heartwarming tale, and one that paints Seacrest as a man every Mama Sox fan should be grateful for. However, now there’ve been reports that Bowersox is upset because Seacrest talked about the situation and possibly exaggerated it to the media.

Former contestant Katelyn Epperly says that after she heard the news and texted Bowersox to ask how she was, Bowersox responded with, “I’m fine…betrayed by Seacrest!” and Craig Berman of even pointed out that giving Bowersox the last performance slot last night guaranteed that there wouldn’t be “any extended interactions between her and Ryan Seacrest, because the show inevitably runs long and there’s no time for awkward dialogue.”

Regardless of how intense the situation was (whether she seriously considered leaving or if her moment of weakness was simply that, some homesickness mingled with insecurity and nothing really worthy of the media parade Seacrest set in motion), none of us should be surprised. Bowersox is definitely a powerhouse contestant and as the competition’s end draws nearer and the number of contestants gets smaller, more and more eyes are on her.

Who wouldn’t get a little freaked and stressed out at this point?

On a just as emotionally-charged note, how many of you caught Mama Sox’s “People Get Ready” performance and its tearful ending last night? What’d you think?