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Archives for April, 2010

Idol Gives Back: Don't Get Depressed, Get Motivated

Around this time every year, the American Idol family airs Idol Gives Back, a show during which Idol opens its doors to a slew of actors, actress, musicians, and other famous faces for one purposes: To draw attention to and raise money (over $140 million to date) for the charities and other programs created to help the droves of less fortunate people in America and throughout the entire world.

In addition to the judges themselves and past Idol contestants, last night...
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Lil Wayne's New Prison Gig: Suicide Watch

He's only served about a month of the year-long prison sentence he received in March for pleading guilty to weapons charges he caught back in 2007, but Grammy-winning Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. -- Lil Wayne -- has already landed himself a new gig: Suicide Watch.

Former BET reality star Antonia "Toya" Johnson (Wayne's high school sweetheart, ex-wife, and mother of his children) recently spoke with Us Magazine's Ian Drew about how the rapper is spending his time behind bars...
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Did Depression and Anxiety Break Up Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy?

After five years together, award-winning actor/comedian Jim Carrey and actress-turned-activist Jenny McCarthy have called it quits, and some sources have reported the cause of the break up might be the stress of dealing with Carrey's depression, McCarthy's son's autism, or both.

I don't think there's been any confirmation from Carrey or McCarthy (PopStar quotes a vague statement from Carrey's rep, and both have tweeted they're grateful for the time together, with Carrey wishing McCarthy "the very best" and McCarthy...
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Jesse James Checks In, Out, And In Sex Addiction Treatment

Unlike other kinds of mental health and psychological issues (depression and bipolar disorder, for example), we here in the general public tend to hear more about sex addiction as it affects the celebrity circle rather than how it affects everyday people. That's definitely not to say it only affects celebrities, but it's less common for us to know someone who has actually been diagnosed with sex addiction (as opposed to someone who...
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