Supermodel Kate Moss might have hosted an outdoor dinner party to allow the paparazzi a chance to photograph her eating and maybe squash some of the pro-ana sentiment some folks thought her Women’s Wear Daily interview hinted at, but it’s former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins who’s upped the anti-eating disorder ante: The Australian posed for nude and unretouched photos for the February issue of Marie Claire (which goes on sale today) in support of The Butterfly Foundation, an organization in Australia that provides support for people with eating disorders and body image and self-esteem issues.

According to Yahoo!Lifestyle, the beauty queen not only appears nude and unretouched, but she also opens up about the kinds of pressures she had to deal with once she was crowned Miss Universe, and how she’s now more confident, comfortable, and empowered.

Of course, as is usually the case, not everyone’s happy. Radio host and comedienne Bianca Dye – who has also posed nude to show women the difference between what the public sees and what’s really going on, body-wise – doesn’t think featuring Hawkins as a positive image for women was Marie Claire’s best move:

“She was born beautiful. She has not had to go through any stress to look like that,” Dye told Confidential.

“Are they missing the point? Yes [Hawkins] is lovely, but does that make her a poster girl for positive body image?” Dye said.

What do you think? Does Dye make a good point – would Marie Claire have been better off choosing another, more voluptuous woman for the five-page spread? Or, would passing Hawkins up in favor of someone with more meat on her bones and less “natural beauty” (as the public defines it) have been just as discriminatory?

Mull it over, and in the meantime, in addition to the organization’s website you can keep up with The Butterfly Foundation by checking out the organization’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Image Source: Wikipedia