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Holiday Shopping With Celebrity Psychings: Music & Events

They say music can be therapeutic, but whether they're donating proceeds to a charitable cause or using the lyrics to heal themselves, the artists included in this list are going above and beyond simply providing tunes to soothe your state of mind.


Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: omgdavematthewsiloveyou On May 20, 2010, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds will perform a benefit concert, A Benefit for the Jane Goodall Institute, as part of a...
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Holiday Shopping With Celebrity Psychings

I really cannot believe Christmas is in less than two weeks and I haven't bought the first gift.

I haven't even made an attempt to buy the first gift.

It's not that I'm feeling particularly Scroogey this year - I mean, my decorations are up and I've made good use of the Christmas music station on Pandora - but I just can't seem to get started with my shopping. I can't figure out what anyone wants...
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Would A Sex Addiction Diagnosis Offer Tiger Woods "A Pass"?

Doctors and other mental health professionals around the globe are sounding off on the sex scandals that have taken over Tiger Woods' life right now and one of the dominating opinions (for now, at least) seems to be sex addiction.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of VH1's "Sex Rehab," recently told ET, "It's safe to say that sex addiction might be a part of his problem," while David Smallwood, the addictions expert at...
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Does Gender Play A Role In How We Feel About Tiger Woods' Privacy?

Yes, yes, I'm writing about Tiger Woods. And yes, yes, I know everyone with a keyboard already has. I wasn't going to, at first. Really. With so many news reports, gossip columns, blogs, and skits and spoofs (in addition to SNL's questionable skit, The Vancouver Sun lists Woods' top five endorsement possibilities) out there, I figured there's really no new spin I could give it. Plus, Dr. Grohol already did a fantastic job of turning Tigergate 2009 into a teaching...
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