There are very few things I place above really good music.

Sure, there’s the essential stuff like food, water, air, family, friends, and God – but, aside from those, there are very few, if any, things I place above really good music.

Those of you who know me know that I’m more than a bit obsessed with Dave Matthews Band.

Actually, the music’s not so much an obsession as it is a way of life for me. If I handed you a time line of my life, complete with every high, low, and in-between moment, you could point to any period and I’d be able to tell you which DMB song carried me through it.

Hmm…maybe I am obsessed.

Music is therapeutic, but DMB’s stuff is in a league of its own.

Anyway, what I don’t talk about as often is that much of Sarah McLachlan’s music has a similar therapeutic effect for me. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy was pretty much my relationship soundtrack back in the 90s and the album that inspired a lot of my own writing back then.

Aside from helping to heal my former teenaged self’s heart, Sarah McLachlan also…

  • Won three Grammy Awards.
  • Won eight of the 21 Juno Awards she’s been nominated for.
  • Founded Lilith Fair (which is coming back in 2010).
  • Was recognized for advancing the careers of women in music with a Elizabeth Cady Stanton Visionary Award.
  • Was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada.
  • Was inducted to the Order of British Columbia.
  • Helps fund Sarah McLachlan Music Outreach, a free music program for Vancouver’s inner-city kids, as well as the The Sarah McLachlan Foundation which underwrites music education programs for kids throughout Canada.

And, Psychology Today lists Sarah McLachlan as a celebrity who’s struggled with depression.

That doesn’t surprise me. Sure, I don’t know Sarah McLachlan, but one listen to the raw, deeply emotional songs on Fumbling Towards Ecstasy alone makes it pretty easy to tell the writer – McLachlan – might have had some depression-related issues going on.

Pretty inspiring to see someone who’s grappled with the Black Dog and still achieved so many successes – not just personal successes, but successes that’ve reached out to millions – yes?

I certainly think so.

Image Credit: Anthony Quintano via Wikipedia