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Archives for June, 2012


A Call for Participants

Now that I've nearly finished my book on defense mechanisms, I'm wondering what to do next. I'll continue with my book on shame and the defenses against it, but I'd also like to work on something more interactive, involving visitors to this and my After Psychotherapy site.

The project I have in mind would last about a year and eventually evolve into a book. At the beginning of each month, I'd post an exercise...
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Perceiving the ‘Real’ Therapist

Now that I've mostly recovered from the last few stressful weeks, I'm able to see more clearly how my stress affected my behavior and emotional presence during sessions. I like to think I'm more self-contained than I obviously am; recent experience has shown me otherwise.

The first indication was the email I received a few weeks ago from Adrienne after one of our sessions. She didn't mean to be intrusive, she...
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