10 Signs of Dysfunction: When Dysfunction Turns Evil

How would you characterize evil? Do you feel the term is only relevant to movies?

Or do you feel the term could be applied to some relationships you have had?

Either way, it's a rather controversial term.

About 4-5 weeks ago, on my website I discussed behaviors and personality traits that seem to turn "evil" for those who are the victims in the relationship.

Many of us would rather not see the behaviors of someone with a...


8 Ways To Rebound From A Miserable Christmas Holiday

How was your Christmas this year? If you had to rate it on a scale from 1 (not good at all) to 10 (really, really good) where would you list it?

Sadly, for a lot of people this year, Christmas is about a 5 on the scale. Although I cannot clearly "measure" this, I continue to hear people on radio, in stores, in my extended family, friends, and some clients...


5 Challenges You May Be Facing This Christmas Holiday

What is your perspective on Christmas?

Are you looking forward to it? Are you dreading it?

For most people in today's stressful and uncertain world, holiday time has come at a great surprise and way too fast. For many of my clients, this holiday season feels as if it is going to leave as fast as it came. There are mixed emotions this year and I'm not sure we, as a society, understand why.

This article includes...


15 Ways To Benefit From The Holiday Season

Are you "excited" about Christmas this year? Are you looking forward to New Year's Eve? If not, you're not alone.

But for many people, Christmas isn't worth celebrating without their loved ones, with a depressed or anxious mood, with feelings of uncertainty, with a history of trauma or neglect, or with a current unpredictable situation. We must also keep in mind that some people will be homeless this Christmas or without basic essentials.

This article will highlight a...


8 Confusing Personality Traits of Borderline Personality

What do you think of when you hear the term "borderline?" What do you think of the term codependent? For most people, borderline signifies a"split," "switchable," "unstable," or "unsure behavior pattern. Codependency, for most, signifies a vulnerability or pattern of unhealthy behaviors.

It's interesting how the mention of this word can lead to a cascade of reactions in a person.

This article will discuss some common signs of BPD that often confuses those in relation to...


10 Ways To Assess and React To a Selfish Individual

"Selfish people never cease to amaze me." "Narcissistic people are unattractive, to say the least." "Selfish people annoy me."

These are statements I have heard in response to my community presentations on relationships. Quite frankly, I can agree with them all.

I see most of my clients on a weekly basis. The number one complaint they often present with is that someone they know (personally or professionally) is engaging in behavior that undermines them, overwhelms them, or undercuts...


5 Signs of Codependency: Its Influence During Holiday Time

Do you know someone who seems to "drop" all of their relationship challenges, woes, and problems for the simple fact that the holiday season is encroaching upon us?

I hear a lot of relationships taking this route during the holiday time. A few common reasons are not wanting to fight around this time of year, wanting to avoid embarrassment and many questions from family and friends, wanting to engage in the "fantasy" of the holiday...

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Borderline Personality: 7 Powerful Ways Families Can Cope With Traits

What is your first impression when you hear the term Borderline personality disorder (BPD)? For many people, the term is fraught with stigma and negative connotations as a result of years of unhealthy representations and lack of research. But with the advent of continuing research, new clinical findings, and an increase in psycho-education about the disorder, things are looking up in terms of understanding BPD better.

With more knowledge and understanding of how behaviors,...


7 Ways Halloween May Negatively Affect Trauma Victims

What do you like (or not like) about Halloween? For me, I have firm feelings that most likely will never change. On one hand I can understand the interest and amusement inherent in deviating from the natural, monotonous, and boring daily lives most of us feel we live sometimes. I also understand the joy inherent in watching children dress up, get candy, and enjoy the thrills of fantasy. But what  I don't like about...


Dysfunctional Communication: 6 Ways To Calm An Emotional Storm

Have you ever had to deal with someone who just wouldn't stop yelling, screaming, and insulting you (or someone you know)? It isn't an easy thing to cope with. In fact, it's very humiliating, demeaning, and embarrassing. I work with a lot of families who display difficult patterns of behavior at home, in the community, and in my office. It isn't easy to change a pattern of behavior that becomes ingrained in the relationship and...