Challenges of Adult Children Of Mentally Unhealthy Parents

Having a mental illness can be very difficult, especially when trying to raise a family.

Raising children has been labeled one of the most difficult jobs in the world! I can't disagree.

So having a mental illness and trying to raise a family can sometimes feel impossible to manage.

As a result, some parents may fail to meet the needs of the child or simply give up.

But there are also those parents who simply don't put in the effort and aren't well enough to be a parent.

In this article, I will review and discuss the outcomes of adult children of mentally ill parents who don't seek treatment.


25 Signs You Grew Up With An Unhealthy Parent

What was your upbringing like?

Would you be able to point out some really stable points in time where your parent was everything you needed?

Would you be able to point out some really unstable points in time?

If you are able to point out both you most likely had a "normal" upbringing.

But if all you can recall are negative and unstable periods of time that were possibly even traumatic, you most likely grew up under an unhealthy and psychologically unstable parent.

In this article/video, I discuss the 25 signs your parent may have been unstable.


How To Identify And Understand PTSD Triggers

How to identify the things that trigger us can be quite complicated.

Some of us can tolerate and tolerate until we explode.

Others can't tolerate the slightest frustration in their environment.

But it's important to stop and question yourself about what triggers you on a daily basis.

It's also important to understand the specific triggers to your PTSD and other trauma symptoms.

In this article (and video), I discuss and identify common triggers.


Holiday Preparation: 5 Challenges You May Encounter

What is your perspective on the holiday season this year?

Did it come too fast for you? Or are you ready?

There are mixed emotions this year from so many people I know and I'm not sure we, as a society, understand why. Some people hint at the fact that our country is in such chaos that celebrating a holiday seems selfish, misdirected, and difficult.

This article will discuss 5 challenges you may be facing this holiday season.


Childhood: 5 Ways To Overcome Grief & Trauma


What comes to mind when you hear that term?

Does it seem like something you should do when you are ready?

Does it seem like something you will never be able to do?

Do you believe that acceptance means forgiveness, denial, or contentedness? If so, allow me to expand your view of acceptance through this article.

This article will discuss the grief & loss process while also highlighting what acceptance means. I also offer tips on hope to cope with each stage.


Intergenerational Trauma: Negative Talk That Keeps You Stuck

Do you think you may have experienced inter-generational trauma in your family?

Do you think it made a lasting impact on your behaviors, perceptions, and level of motivation in life?

If so, you are certainly not alone.

In this article, I will be discussing what this looks like and the various ways it negatively impacts your development throughout the lifespan.

It doesn't just stop the moment you become an adult. Inter-generational trauma is a "lifespan" issue.


12 Ways To Spot Unhealthy Relationship Boundaries

Do you know how to make someone respect your boundaries? Would you know what to say or do to keep your boundaries firm?

Most people struggle with boundaries because we, as a society, tend to see things at face value and with the intent of communicating in a peaceful manner. We hardly ever anticipate that someone would mistreat or misuse us.

This article will discuss and highlight 12 characteristics of someone with unhealthy relationship boundaries.


Healing From Traumatic Family Narcissism

Do you feel that you have been the victim of narcissism in your family?

What kind of narcissist do you feel you have dealt with?

Most people describe covert (vulnerable) narcissists as being one of the most detrimental forces in their lives because of the passive-aggressive nature and behavior of this type of narcissist.

In this article (and video) I discuss this concept a bit future and offer tips on how to heal from this kind of family.


5 Challenges Often Mistaken For Anxiety

What do you know about anxiety?

If you were quizzed on anxiety would you be able to identify it?

When I meet clients for the first time I ask about symptoms of anxiety to help me narrow down a diagnosis and a treatment course. I've learned over time that symptoms of other disorders or challenges in life can begin to look like anxiety when they are not.

In this article, I discuss 5 mental health, behavioral health, and situational challenges often mistaken for anxiety.