Rising Above 2020’s Challenges: Race, Social Justice, & Health

The year 2020 met us with a vengeance.

We, as a nation, probably saw none of what has happened to us this year coming.

Those who enjoyed partying and celebrating New Years had no clue we would face racial tension, social justice movements, abuse of power by some law enforcement, and a debilitating chronic disease.

2020 came as a surprise.

In this article, I discuss a few concepts that may help you understand what is going on.


“Why Am I Traumatized By The George Floyd Situation?”

I have heard so many of my clients including people who consult with me or bump into me in public say "I am really disturbed by the George Floyd video and protests/riots."

It never fails. The world is upside down and although the George Floyd protests have made a major impact on moving forward a society that is often segregated, the protests and riots will never be forgotten.

In this article (video), I will be highlighting concepts you should know has played a role in these protests and riots.


2020: Will We Survive George Floyd Murder, Corona, Etc?

How are you feeling about 2020 so far?

Are you feeling confidence?

Are you feeling unmotivated?

If so, you are not alone.

We have gone through a lot in this nation since the start of the year. We have witnesses multiple crimes, multiple injustices, and a widespread virus that locked us inside our homes.

In this video, I will be discussing how the brain is processing all of this trauma.


“Why Do Protests Happen?” A Traumatic History We Can’t Forget

What do you know about the history of America's protests?

Protests and Riots have a long history in the U.S. A long traumatic history to be exact.

Protest and riots were started around 1886 during the Anarchist Movement.

The Civil Rights movement obviously entailed many protests and began with Dr. King.

In this video, I discuss our traumatic history and some of the traumatic aspects of George Floyd's protests that may impact your future.


Quarantined: “How Do I Cope With Feeling Stuck?”

Are you tired of being quarantined?

Many of my clients including people who consult with me have complained that this quarantine is way too long.

The quarantine can also feel really long if you are stuck with people you find difficult to manage or deal with.

In this article I offer practical tips on managing challenging family while being quarantined with them.


Shaping Experiences: “What Has Caused My Trauma?”

Shaping experiences are experiences that we have as we go through life.

For children shaping experiences determine who they are likely to become as they grow older.

If these shaping experiences are traumatic or involve some kind of abuse, it is likely that the shaping experience will lead to a lifetime of heartache, trial and error, or emotional and psychological voids.

In this video, I discuss what these shaping experiences are.