2 thoughts on “Understanding How Delusions Work: The Basics Explained

  • August 24, 2020 at 3:11 am

    Hey Tamara,
    This video is incredibly helpful–thank you!!
    I am wondering..can excessive alcohol use over time cause a person to become delusional? You probably guessed based on my past comments, I am asking regarding my brother. He is in his late 40’s now and no closer to sobriety.
    I didn’t realize that the religious delusions tend to occur among people that already HAVE some sort of background or involvement in religion. That makes sense but in a way it can complicate things because for me, I sometimes have difficulty determining what is an aspect of a person’s faith and what is delusion. For example, my brother for the first time (to my knowledge) has been doing a lot of reading about religion online but clearly, not the Bible in many instances. When he tells me about it, sometimes it is just SLIGHTLY “off” from Biblical truth and so one could think that he merely is misunderstanding what he read or maybe I misunderstood it lol.
    The other night though he was listening to this thing on YouTube called “The Book of Enoch” and saying strange things about religion to our mother. Yet he BELIEVES them and you can’t convince him otherwise! And with his rage issues he will sometimes say he is going to hell. I remind him that I led him to Christ at age 8 because he asked me about it and wanted to accept Jesus so he professes to be a Christian. It is hard though because sometimes he talks about demons and his treatment of others and his mouth is certainly NOT of God and hasn’t been for years now. Yet other times he will profess an undying faith and “love for God and Jesus and I pray to them Guys every night!” ( Clearly he has difficulty understanding the Holy Trinity). He also said he wants to help “protect them and kick Satan ‘s a__” when he gets to Heaven. How do you make sense of all that?
    Same with his comments regarding aliens. He has always had an interest in science and astronomy but now some of the things he says are bizarre! Get given that there are sane healthy people out there who believe in or wonder about aliens, how do I know if that is delusion or merely his belief ? The conspiracy stuff he comes out with are pretty far fetched!
    I hope you are well, Tamara. Take care and thanks again!

  • August 24, 2020 at 9:11 pm

    I am in a full blown mental emotional and at times physical abusive relationship my wife has OCD impulse and stimulation sycosis Borderline personality disorder I’m basically held captive with what she thinks is fear I don’t think I’m better than her God is not partial my Hart is truly broken but the most terrifying thing iv had to face as she has nothing but contempt for my life blood curdling I pray for a peacful separation she acused me of abuse that doesn’t exist just to excuse her behavior everything that comes out of her mouth to me is disrespectful and to bring me to anger and then she acts as a victim and she is not a victim by anything but her sycosis vary hart breaking she is my wife regardless I wish I could find a way to make it with her I can deal with the lies and cheating the violence is what I’m scared of true love is choice not a feeling and this pain is what I chose I’m not just giving up if there is help would be greatly appreciated


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