2 thoughts on “Holiday Preparation: 5 Challenges You May Encounter

  • November 11, 2019 at 4:14 am

    Hi Tamara,
    I have missed reading here and connecting with you a bit! How ARE you? Busy as always most likely lol. I am struggling and will email soon. My ex partner died suddenly last weekend and it has hit me hard despite the fact that I was the one who broke up.
    I don’t want the holidays at all! I don’t feel able to handle the continuing family dysfunction, my brother’s alcoholism, outbursts and mental health issues, or his refusal to attend at all which would hurt our mother. I have financial struggles this year that are significant, I feel a bit of bitterness that I have helped out my sister, my brother, and my young adult niece and nephew this year despite it adding debt and stress because they all promised to pay me back (sister “borrowed” last December, brother in December and then in early spring, niece in Feb., nephew in May) and I have only seen 50 from my sister thus far despite gentle reminders and ultimately firm deadlines.
    In addition, my health has gone downhill recently–was in the emergency room via ambulance last week and I have an appointment Wednesday with a neurosurgeon for the first time for a consult. My mom is not all that well. And yes, the country is chaotic, the government seems like it is either helping lead the way or one of the early joiners in the insanity, human beings are at times hateful to one another.
    I am just struggling. Sorry to be a downer Tamara and readers! Lori

  • November 16, 2019 at 4:52 am

    For me, the hardest thing about Christmas is that I have no family. I find this difficult and lonely at the best of times, and at Christmas these feelings are magnified because of all the stress on togetherness and family. My friends are with their families, so I can go days without seeing anyone. I am going this year for a meal at a church on Christmas Day and am hoping that my friend J. who is in a nursing home will also come. It will be company for us both.


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