3 thoughts on “Traumatic Stress: 11 Circumstances We Fail To See As Traumatic

  • March 27, 2019 at 3:59 am

    Hi Tamara,
    I have no specific comment in mind related to the article tonight but did want to check in and say hi as I have missed being on the site and I have missed you!
    I don’t know exactly how long I have been away from this site but I am thinking about a month or so, maybe longer?
    A lot happening (as usual lol) and not a lot of good. My alcohol addicted brother is a prime example of trauma and this has increased lately. His home suddenly appeared in the newspaper’s public notice listings for possible foreclosure if he doesn’t respond to a certain law firm, his electric bill has reached the insane amount of nearly two thousand dollars due to non payment, he was fired from his job a little more than a month ago, he continues to rage and be verbally abusive to our mother, I confronted him via computer and he responded with verbal abuse, filthy name calling and a threat against me and then within literally 20 minutes AFTER I said I would report him, he said I “need to relax” and “I am only kidding Sis, relaaaxxx!” Lastly, later today he was arrested for his first O.U.I as well as driving an unregistered motor vehicle AND he had a 2.5 blood alcohol level! He was given a June court date.
    As for me, stress is up, sleep is nearly impossible as my insomnia is worse, and my anti depressant appears to have stopped working. I have an appointment later today to have things evaluated.
    On the plus side, my niece became a Christian–which I thought might never happen! I am ECSTATIC about that!!!!
    How are YOU doing? I hope you are doing well and not too busy! Lori

    • April 10, 2019 at 8:45 am

      Hi Lori,
      Thank you for your kind comment! I’m always glad to have your input on this blog.
      I’m sorry to hear that your brother isn’t doing well. It sounds to me as if he needs to be in rehab or some other kind of treatment center to keep him safe, help him maintain appropriate daily practices (going to work, socializing, etc), and help him put structure into his life. He’s certainly not kidding. And that’s the sad part. He needs help, as we have said numerous times in the past.

      Congrats on your niece! That’s great movement forward!
      Take care

  • April 5, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    I’ve found in my work that people with family members with addiction have some iteration of PTS directly related to the addiction (being neglected as a child while parent goes out to get high, witnessing overdosing, not knowing where their family member is, hospitalizations, being stolen from, etc.).


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