2 thoughts on “Stalkers Among Us: 5 Types You Probably Don’t Know

  • January 9, 2019 at 10:52 am

    It is really useful information… liked it, thanks for sharing.

  • January 10, 2019 at 3:47 am

    I had a friend years ago that was older than I, female and seemed to “have it all together” in terms of a nice but modest home, a handsome boyfriend (he was a funeral director which creeped me out at the time but he seemed nice and treated her well), a good job and a young son. It was only after I’d known her for a while that I noticed some red flags–within her AND her boyfriend!
    Long story short, he was dating two women–one being my friend. He didn’t hide it but he did not reveal that he was sleeping with both women until later in the relationship when my friend caught him. She was obsessed with him–even before she found out about the other woman but even worse after because then she would have to know the whereabouts of BOTH of them! For instance, if he didn’t call when he normally would or if SHE called late and he didn’t answer, she would have to either keep calling him OR she would come get me (a teen still living at home) to go with her to drive by his home AND hers to see if they were together. There were also times she would write him long letters and make me deliver them through the mail slot if she didn’t feel like doing it. When I’d protest, she’d call me disloyal and insinuate that she wouldn’t hang out with me if I couldn’t do her “a favor now and then!” Because she was an out in a very bad time in my life and I feared rejection, I’d agree. She would also periodically threaten suicide. It was a scary thing all around and became even more traumatic when one morning out of the blue, and after things were more stable with them and I wasn’t doing any letter drops because they were “together”, she called to tell me hysterically that he’d committed suicide! I supported her emotionally as best as a teen can but I also suggested she go talk to someone professional. She ultimately did but didn’t stick with it. I had to end the friendship for my own sanity.
    Stalking is scary! I experienced as a victim several years later.


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