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5 Types of Therapy To Re-Think for Adopted/Foster Children

How would you feel if a therapist, who claimed to be trained in working with adopted or foster children with mental and behavioral health problems (a topic discussed last week) came into your home and encouraged you to engage your 10-year old child in a "therapeutic session" that would include you holding your child down to re-create the "childbirth experience?" How would you feel if a trauma therapist forced you to discuss a...
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Tips and Suggestions In Mental Health

Paying For Treatment: Barriers And 4 Ways Around Them

Would you know where to turn for funds to pay for mental health treatment? Would you know who to ask for referrals or information on federally funded programs? If not, you are not alone because many families and caregivers struggle with this. Sadly, thousands of families become discouraged during the first year of searching for programs to help pay for mental health treatment services or services for those with intellectual disabilities (formerly called MR-Mental Retardation)....
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Taking Psychiatric Medication: How To Help Your Loved One

The introduction of Thorazine, an antipsychotic medication, in the mid 1950s led to multiple changes in mental health including positive (increased levels of independence, reduced psychiatric stay, and control of symptoms) and negative (terrible side effects, over-medicating, prescription drug abuse, and de-institutionalization) outcomes. Leeriness of psychotropic drugs has continued into 2013 and many supporters of medication usage are being met with resistance.

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Balancing The Argument Against Civil Commitment Laws

While surfing the web I read an article about the “uncivil” nature of civil commitment laws.  Civil commitment is the legal process by which an individual with a severe mental illness can be involuntarily committed to a hospital for treatment. It gives families hope if their loved one doesn't think they need help. Arguments against this action dates back to the mid-1950s when civil rights attorneys fought to reduce inpatient...
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Adult Mental Health

Facts On ECT: Concerns With Shock Treatment

Electro-convulsive Therapy (ECT), termed shock therapy in the 1940s and 1950s, is a type of treatment used in cases of resistant or severe depression. It is often the last resort following a line of treatments (medication, talk therapy, etc.).

ECT is the induction (or encouragement) of a seizure using an electrical stimulus (or electrode) applied to the scalp to create shock-like waves to the brain. Anesthesia or a muscle relaxant is used and a device is placed between...
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