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Archives for January, 2018


Balanced Thinking: 5 Ways To Use Your “Wise Mind”

Have you ever been in therapy? Know someone who is (or was)?

Therapy can be both a positive or negative experience, depending on the kind of therapist you have and their level of experience. I've had clients discuss both experiences and unfortunately, many of my clients felt the techniques they were taught in the past were nothing but theories.

Ideas are good until they have to be tested out. When ideas come face to face with...
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Adult Mental Health

10 Signs Of Having An Emotionally Unstable/Unavailable Parent

What would you characterize as an emotionally detached or unavailable parent?

Would you know what an emotionally detached and unavailable parent is? For most people who have endured an unstable, abusive, or emotionally unavailable parent, emotional detachment is an inability of the parent to meet their deepest needs, relate to them, or provides support and comfort when needed. I previously wrote a similar article on this topic in March of 2016. The responses from readers...
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Delusional Disorder: 8 Ways To Communicate Without Fighting

Would you know how to communicate with someone who has really strong beliefs that are difficult to deny, push against, or disregard?

In other words, are you able to express your disbelief of the other person's delusion without getting into an argument?

If not, you are not alone. A lot of people who have delusional beliefs can be difficult to manage. In fact, many struggle to see things from another person's perspective which creates a narrowed,...
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Suicide: 8 Signs Someone Is Ambivalent About Dying

Have you ever felt the pull of suicidal thoughts?

What about suicidal gestures that bring most people to a close enough place to suicide to "satisfy" their deepest desire to end their pain?

For most of us, life can (and will be at some point) painful for us. It's interesting how we all attempt to heal or stop our pain.

Some may choose over-eating. Some may choose substance abuse. Others may choose multiple unhealthy sexual experiences and...
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Psychotherapy 101: 12 Incorrect Views Of Therapy (Video)

Have you ever been in therapy? If so, what did you like about it? What did you dislike about it?

Psychotherapy isn't as cut and dry as it may appear to some. You don't just go in to an office and talk. You can do that with a friend.

Psychotherapy includes the building of a professional relationship with boundaries and goals of the client to improve, learn, and grow. It is a relationship in which the...
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