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Archives for March, 2017


5 Ways To Think Of The Narcissist

Photo Credit: NeuPaddy

If you had to forgive a narcissist could you? What if that narcissist manipulated you and/or attempted to harm you in some way? What about if that narcissist is a spouse, a parent, a close friend, a family member, etc? Could you forgive?

For a lot of us in our relationships with others once we are "burned" by a person that is the only chance that person would get....
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10 Unbelievable Behaviors Of The Narcissist

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Do you know what narcissistic personality disorder is? Would you be able to spot it if you had to? For most people, their belief is that narcissism is "easy" to spot because laymen and pop psychology characterize narcissism as selfish ambition, arrogance, cockiness, inconsiderate of others, and a strong desire to...
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8 Ways To Cope With Someone Who Has Delusions

Photo Credit: madstreetz

Do you know someone who struggles with delusions or odd patterns of thinking?

As discussed in last week's article on this topic, a delusion is a firmly held thought or conviction that is incorrigibly held despite evidence to the contrary. It is a fixed and pervasive way of thinking that is not easily derailed by logic.

For many people who are attempting to cope with loved ones who have delusions,...
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