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Archives for April, 2016


Mental Health: 5 Things Alcohol Addiction Makes You Blind To

Photo Credit: artangelo

Do you know someone who seems to self medicate with alcohol to cope with life, symptoms of a mental health diagnosis, or simply to de-stress? It is a known fact that alcohol is often the "drug" of use for individuals suffering from a mental health condition. Alcohol is a substance that either works as a medication for symptoms that are becoming out of control or a way...
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Understanding Trauma and the Cycle of Abuse

Photo Credit: John Hain

Have you ever heard of the Cycle of Abuse? What about Traumatic Bonding? If not, this article is for you. One of the things I find myself doing in my practice with families is providing what mental health professionals call "psycho-education." Psycho-education is education about a topic related to psychology such as relationships, mental illness, diagnosis, trauma or abuse, etc. So many of us can...
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Emotional Attachment: 5 Thoughts of The Needy Person

Photo Credit: Dennis Hill

Do you know someone who struggles with emotional attachment? Someone who struggles with becoming emotionally attached too soon or too fast? What about someone who struggles with putting up appropriate boundaries for fear of losing a person, angering a person, or expressing their own needs? Emotional abuse and bondage may be more prevalent than we all think. You can Google the term "relationships" and find multiple topics on co-dependency,...
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10 Things You Should Do With Someone Who Suffers Delusions

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Do you know someone who struggles with delusional thoughts? A delusion is defined as a belief, that is strongly held to be true, despite evidence to the contrary. It is a fixed and pervasive way of thinking that is not easily derailed by logic. For many people attempting to cope with loved ones who have delusional thoughts, it can be extremely difficult to communicate with the person...
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