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Archives for January, 2016


Frustration: 10 Worst Things To Say To Someone With Mental Illness

Photo credit: A2gemma

It's not easy living with a mental health condition or someone who is suffering from mental health challenges, especially when it is severe or chronic. It's even harder trying to get others to understand what it feels like to struggle or what it feels like to watch a loved one struggle. Until you experience mental illness (either yourself or through someone else), you have no idea how sensitive...
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Mental Health: 4 Qualities Dr. Martin Luther King Emphasized

Photo Credit: Ron Cogswell

As you read the headline I’m sure you questioned what relevance Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr is to the discussion of mental health and the field of psychiatry. Rarely do we ever hear people emphasize the importance of following the example of Dr. King in our “fight” against society’s lack of knowledge about severe and untreated mental...
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7 Psychiatric Labels: How Do Labels Make You Feel?

Having worked with children and adolescents for over 6 years I find that each and every one of their family members either mention that they do not believe a diagnosis is correct or mention that they absolutely hate diagnostic labels. With high levels of stigma, social pressure, cliques in workplaces, school, and communities, and media portrayals can you blame them? If you are someone who has received a psychiatric label what were your...
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Personality traits

8 Things That Scare Clients Away From Therapy

Photo Credit: Ben Sutherland

Have you ever had a therapist? Do you know someone who does (or did)? How long did it last? If it ended, why did it end? Sadly, for many of my clients, their therapy ended because they either lost interest, did not feel they were growing and learning, did not see any changes in their behaviors, thoughts, or emotions, and/or felt the therapist was not...
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