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Archives for December, 2015


6 Complex Trauma Symptoms: Pain, Confusion, & Rooted Evil

Photo Credit: icsesvesiluet
If I were to give you a certain estimate of the number of kids and teens I currently see for trauma, I would say about 7 out of 10 cases every 30-90 days of the year. It's scary to look at the large numbers of people within our society who have struggled with (or are currently dealing with) some form of trauma. It's even scarier to observe the after-effects of trauma and...
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Christmas Time Stress: 5 Ways To Cope & Find Meaning

It's amazing that Christmas has always been described as one of the most beautiful, magical, and divine holidays of the year. This time of  the year often opens the heart of many strangers to the needs of others. Homelessness, world hunger, giving and sharing, love, and joy are just a few words that are frequently used during this time of the year. People are so much more conscious of the needs of others and...
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Mental Health: 12 Things Adopted/Foster Children Wish You Knew

Photo Credit: Bessi

Do you have an adopted or foster child? If not, have you considered fostering a child or adopting a child? What is stopping you? What inspired you to do it? Whatever the case, adopting and fostering a child is one of the most difficult, intimidating, and humbling experiences for many families. It's also quite admirable. Adopting or fostering a child (or teenager) will take a great deal of...
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Child & Adolescent Mental Health

9 Truths That Make Psychiatric Hospitals Scary

Photo Credit: mark Hillary

Do you know someone who has been hospitalized for having experienced psychiatric symptoms that placed themselves or someone else in harms way? Have you ever been hospitalized yourself? What was the experience like? For many people, staying in a psychiatric hospital can seem intimidating and frightening, especially for children and adolescents. Many people do not know what to expect and will see and hear things that they...
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