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Archives for November, 2015


5 Ways To Have A Meaningful Thanksgiving

Photo Credit: adamupchurch32
How do you typically spend your holiday season? Do you spend it alone or with many other people? What do you often look forward to? The family, food, holiday music, holiday parties, time off from work, snow, decorations, the football games and parades, and the natural meaning in the air between the days of Thanksgiving and Christmas always gives a surge of energy. Whatever it is...
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Mental Health Caregiving: 3 Ways to Understand Mental Exhaustion

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Do you care for someone with a mental health condition? What about someone with several mental health conditions? Perhaps you also care for someone with behavioral problems as well. Either way, it is very easy to begin to feel burned out, overwhelmed, and exhausted. For many parents, families, caregivers, and friends of individuals with mental health or behavioral health conditions, the road can seem almost endless....
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Child & Adolescent Mental Health

5 Ways Halloween Can Affect Traumatized Individuals

Photo Credit: Alexas Fotos

What did you do for Halloween this past week? Did you dress up? Did you avoid dressing up? Whatever you decided to do, did you once think about the negative effects of Halloween on the psyche? If not, you are not alone. Many of us would rarely, if ever, consider the negative effects of Halloween on the psychological and emotional health of individuals who have a history...
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