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Archives for July, 2015


Attachment Re-visited: 7 Red Flag Signs of Poor Boundaries

How do you protect yourself in this world? How do you ensure that the things you care for are protected on a daily basis? One way we protect ourself is by having strict boundaries. Boundaries are extremely important for human beings to maintain. Without boundaries, you are likely to be taken advantage of, manipulated, abused, or "blinded" by the shallow, self-centered people we encounter in our daily lives. As a child, I was often...
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Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Emotional Attachment: 5 Unhealthy Relational Patterns

Photo credit: Unsplash

What were your thoughts when you read this article title? You might believe that attachment has nothing to do with mental health but it most certainly does. In fact, some people believe that topics about attachment only have something to do with newborn babies or toddlers. But the reality is that attachment is a natural phenomenon that occurs in every human relationship and begins during the first few years...
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