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Archives for March, 2015


6 Complex Trauma Symptoms: Pain, Confusion, & Rooted Evil

Photo Credit: icsesvesiluet
If I were to give you a certain estimate of the number of kids and teens I currently see for trauma, I would say about 7 out of 10 cases every 30-90 days of the year. It's scary to look at the large numbers of people within our society who have struggled with (or are currently dealing with) some form of trauma. It's even scarier to observe the after-effects of trauma...
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Thinking Errors: 7 Signs You Are Communicating All Wrong

How do you communicate with those you care about, your co-workers, and your friends? Do you show them different sides of yourself or are you always the same person? Do you believe that there are rules to communication? Many of my clients simply believe that communication does not entail a host of different skills but should only consist of talking. What many of them fail to realize is that communication is often influenced...
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