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Archives for February, 2015


The Therapeutic Relationship: 7 Things That Help It Stand

When you think of therapy what comes to mind? A couch and a shrink? A stern psychiatrist who sits protected behind a desk while asking you or your loved one multiple questions? Do you think of a cold, dark office or an overly positive office with positive quotes all over the place? However you think of therapy, there has been something in your life or something said that has influenced the way you...
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Mental Illness

Communication: 10 Comforting Things To Say To Someone With Mental Illness

Photo credit: ddalki3003 (Pixabay)

Last week we discussed the worst things to ever say to someone with a mental illness. Many viewers commented on what their personal experiences have been and how someone's words simply tore them apart, confused them, hurt them, or even empowered them in the long run. What we say to someone who is struggling with something has a great deal to do with our knowledge-base,...
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