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Archives for May, 2014


An Unforgettable History of Mental Illness

Mental illness affects each and every one of us. It has become one of the most emotionally charged topics of our current time. If you mention mental illness anywhere you are, you can expect someone to say "I have a loved one who struggles ," or you could find yourself in an argument over gun laws, mental health laws, and barriers to treatment. Many of us have lost track of the various cases that have...
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Self-Care & Life

Finding Mental Health Resources For Your Loved One

As a mental health professional I often find myself confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the mental health needs of our youth today. Even with a few years of education and career experience under my belt, I still feel lost for words when a parent describes the grueling process of seeking services for her child. I find myself inwardly say a prayer in hopes that she will find her way. If I have the opportunity to...
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Child & Adolescent Mental Health

The Explosive Personality: Understanding Histrionic Traits

Do you know someone who is emotionally explosive (blowing up at the slightest thing, becoming hysterical over minor infractions), self-centered, rageful, and distorted self-image? Have you found yourself  repeatedly blamed and devalued in confrontations or arguments with this person? Have you noticed this person is desperate for attention, shifts emotions quickly, and "performs" his/her emotions as if they are the center of a stage play? If so, this article is for you.
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