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Archives for January, 2014

Mental Illness

5 Signs A Loved One Might Need Psychiatric Intervention

What are the signs of psychiatric need? How can you ever tell if someone is in need of help? Is it by the way that they look, talk, or behave? Perhaps. Does the individual have to look disheveled or depressed? For many people these are the signs of the mental health need. But for mental health professionals it can be very difficult to decipher between an individual who does not care for themselves and an...
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Why Do We Have Little Security In Psychiatric Facilities?

Have you noticed that there is hardly ever any security outside of mental health clinics, facilities, residential centers, and hospitals? It's amazing that medical hospitals and clinics have security but very few mental health centers do. Why do you think this is? What has been your experience with this? For therapists such as myself, I'm perturbed by the fact that mental health therapists are not "respected" enough for facilities to invest in greater...
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Self-Care & Life

Everyone Falls Apart: 8 Realizations to Pick Up the Pieces Again

Photo Credit: Cecile Graat
What has life given you lately? Anything? Was it a gift, a gift in disguise, or a total disaster? For many of us, we experience a little bit of all three of these things. It's common for humans to experience life at varying levels during different times in our lives. Sometimes we come out of the dark, cold tunnel feeling empowered or enlightened. While at other times...
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A Failed Mental Health System: The Top 5 Failures

Are you a parent, family member, or caregiver of a loved one with a severe or untreated mental health condition? How are you coping? If I were to quiz you on the top 5 complications you have encountered so far, what would you say? For many parents, families, and caregivers, the top 5 issues with the mental health system would include:

Poor access to financial support/ high insurance costs
No direction after a psychiatric diagnosis
Feeling overlooked,...
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