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Archives for December, 2013


Schizophrenia and Homelessness: “A Disease, Not A Choice”

Homelessness and mental illness bring pain to a lot of people involved with a needy loved one. Living life each day with no idea where the next meal, shelter, or income will come from is something that most Americans could only imagine. Their lives are not characterized by sleepless nights due to inclement changes, requests to leave the premises, and condescending gestures or facial expressions. If we think about it, it's an occurrence that...
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Adult Mental Health

Pregnancy and Severe or Persistent Mental Illness

Do you know someone who suffers from a severe mental illness and desires to have a family? How do you feel about this? Is this you? Or someone you know? This dilemma has created a storm of controversy over the years and has even included a debate on whether or not women, who suffer from severe or untreated mental illnesses, should be on birth control. Many believe women should be free to make their...
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