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Archives for November, 2013


Living With Trauma: Facing A Loved One’s Severe Mental Illness

How did you feel when your loved one was diagnosed with a severe mental illness such as borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder I, or schizophrenia? Did your entire worldview change? Were you depressed or anxious? If so, you are certainly not alone. I receive multiple emails and phone calls from parents, family members, or caregivers of individuals suffering from a severe or untreated mental illness. These contacts are not easy for me to hear, they...
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Self-care: 3 Ways To Care For Someone With Mental Illness

I recently had a conversation with a representative of Bupa, a United Kingdom, Edinburgh based healthcare service. Our discussion was about caregivers and the challenges they face. They offered to write an article for Caregivers, Family, & Friends, and I said "yes." Bupa offers us tips below on how to care for ourselves as caretakers of individuals who are ill.

Meet Bupa:
“Bupa is an international healthcare group, we serve over 14-million customers in...
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Veterans Day: What We Fail To Acknowledge About Mental Health

Do you know a veteran? Do you know the thoughts they think, the feelings they experience, or the fears they have? What about the pint up rage, anger, and confusion? Did you know between and are homeless? Believe it or not, veterans experience a host of mental health conditions, hidden anxieties, hidden depression, and emotional instabilities. Once a veteran gives his or her life over to combat, their life perspective, mind,...
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