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Archives for September, 2013


Defeating Cognitive Distortions: Tips For Better Thinking

If you are anything like me you constantly find yourself distracted by repeated thoughts of the future and all the possibilities that can occur. This "futuristic thinking" can soon turn into rumination (repeatedly thinking over a particular subject that is negative or bothersome) and eventually a cognitive distortion. Cognitive distortions are distorted or dysfunctional ways that we think about events in our lives. For many of us, engaging in negative...
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Self-Care & Life

29 Self-Care Tools To Jumpstart The Brain Each Day

Do you know what an "emotional hangover" is? I "coined" this term in my personal life some years ago and defined it as:
 being similar to a typical hangover, you remember certain details from the day before, you might feel guilty (even if you don't have a real reason), your body may feel stressed or tired, and you would rather do nothing but rest. You feel emotionally drained, unenthusiastic about the day, sluggish, and...
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When Mental Illness and Homelessness Collide: What Do We Do?

Do you personally know someone who is homeless? Have you walked by a homeless person on the street recently? Believe it or not, homelessness can affect any of us. No one is exempt from this reality. Life is simply too unpredictable to predict our future accurately. For many struggling with homelessness, it can be rather easy to hide. With a PO Box or the address of a close family member, no one will...
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Schizophrenia: A Diagnosis With A Poor Prognosis?

“A diagnosis with the good prognosis.”

This statement was made in a video in my previous article about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). That statement seemed to have a major impact on readers. Tweets, pins, blog posts, and emails flooded in with people stating how happy they were to hear this and feel that there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. It became apparent to me (a therapist who does...
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Living With Bipolar Disorder: Another Complex Disorder

Although I don't typically write on Saturday's, I was inspired to share this video with you sooner than later to conclude our discussion on depression and emotional disturbance. I spoke with a mother who spent 1hr crying about her daughter who suffered from severe bipolar disorder in adolescence. The discussion took interesting turns and  I'm sure you will find the video as intriguing.
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