ID-10062149Good mothers are always mothers to be treasured. As many Mother’s Day cards, plaques, teddy bears, and other wonderful gifts often say around this time of year, mothers are everything we need and more. My mother has been one of the strongest assets in my life and has given (and still gives) every aspect of herself. Her love is all I need many days to remind me of the beauty of life. We have come a long way together. So I say it again, good mothers are to be treasured and even many days after Mother’s Day.

Mothers of young children, adolescents, and adult children with severe or untreated mental illness who stick close, ensuring needs are met, should be treasured this Mother’s Day. They need to know they are supported.


Here is a list of things you can do to treasure a mother this Mother’s Day:

  • Commend her: Unfortunately, many mothers rarely hear what a wonderful job they have done raising their children, offering their time, or loving unconditionally. Sadly, not everyone has a mother who has given of herself to her children, so be careful who you commend. Some adult children resent Mother’s Day and their mothers. But if you know a mother who seems to be a great mom, commend her. She needs to hear it!ID-100131924
  • Call her: If you have a mother or know a mother who has shown love and means the best in all she does for her family, call her. The worse thing ever is for a mother to not hear from her child on Mother’s Day. Sadly, because of poor family relations, some adult children often neglect calling mom on Mother’s Day. But consider this: everything she has done for you should mean more than anything you hold against her, any negative feelings, or any busyness that may keep you from calling her.
  • Say thank you: Many adult kids forget to call and say “thank you mom for your dedication.” Moms need to know that they are appreciated. Take time to say “thank you” from your heart. If you are calling a mother who is not your mother, say “thank you” for their dedication to their children.ID-100157860
  • Give lasting love: Mother’s Day is rather commercialized and everything hinges upon what you purchase for your mother. Believe it or not, some families compete to see who can buy mom the best gift. Absolutely ridiculous! Even though you may buy mom something, be sure to give her something from the heart, something that is longer lasting than material possession. A bouquet of flowers, a card, or even a car or house is great, but what means more is your words, your hug, your affection, your gratitude.
  • Get to know her better: Moms often hold a lot of fears, pain, uncertainties, and worries inside to keep their children happy. They protect us from the battle of daily life, hold us when we’re afraid, and give advice when needed most. The least we can do is listen to mom and allow her to share her innermost feelings. Talk with mom, get to know her better. She’s a pretty awesome woman.



I wish you and your mother a wonderful Mother’s Day! Show her love while you can.


If you are an adult child without a mom this Mother’s Day, visit my site, Anchored-In-Knowledge for tips on how to cope.






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