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Archives for May, 2013

Adult Mental Health

What Depression Is & What It Is Not

Depression is quite complicated. It entails a host of symptoms that perplex even the savviest therapist. Depression is even more complicated in children and men because the expression of symptoms is not as clear-cut for them as it is for others. Nonetheless, depression is one of those “diseases” that requires a compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, and understanding individual to identify it. Families, caregivers, and friends who suspect a loved one experiencing depression ought to know that...
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Happy Mother’s Day To Moms Who Put Themselves Second

Good mothers are always mothers to be treasured. As many Mother’s Day cards, plaques, teddy bears, and other wonderful gifts often say around this time of year, mothers are everything we need and more. My mother has been one of the strongest assets in my life and has given (and still gives) every aspect of herself. Her love is all I need many days to remind me of the beauty of life. We have come...
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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is coming up May 9, 2013 and this is a time to focus exclusively on the issues that plague our children today. Issues that dominate the media are also of importance such as:

gun control laws
bullying prevention and development of consequences
preventing mass violence
suicide prevention
providing resources for kids within the educational system to receive mental...
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