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Archives for April, 2013


What Every Family Should Be Aware Of: Psychiatric Illness & Murder

What a cute baby in this photo. Can you imagine a mother taking her life? No. Most people could not even wrap an inch of their mind around this tragic reality. But for some families with a loved one with a severe or untreated mental illness, homicide or violence is far too common a reality.

One of the most shocking incidents in life is when a child is murdered. The most unfathomable is when a...
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Mental Health: A Close Look At The Family Experience

It's always difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of others who are experiencing very complicated and emotionally draining life events. Unless we have been in some "dark valleys" ourselves, we have no idea of how families of mentally ill loved ones perceive the world. It's also quite difficult to comprehend the mental world of the individual experiencing the illness. The most we can do as "outsiders" is offer...
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The Positive Side Of Pain: Re-defining Your Experience

Have you noticed that some of the most compassionate, understanding, modest, and intuitive people seem to be those who have suffered, been oppressed, or are in constant search for life’s ultimate meaning? I have and I find that it is an interesting phenomenon. As stated in a previous article, it was not until rain and “dark-valleys” appeared in my life that I grew and could see my potential.

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Adult Mental Health

When Mental Disorders Clash With Medical Conditions: Delusion or Pseudocyesis?

I was reading an article and came across a blog post that discussed what isn’t necessarily a psychiatric disorder, yet has features similar to delusions. It can get very complicated when psychiatric illnesses clash with medical illnesses. Symptoms coincide so much that both mental health professionals and medical doctors often have to consult before making a diagnosis.

Pseudo-cyesis, or “false pregnancy,” is currently defined as a rare medical condition in which an individual (a woman) has...
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Understanding Hallucinations: How Perceptual Difficulty Affects Your Loved One

Hallucinations often involve a profound disturbance in perception(s) which can influence not only behavior, but connection with reality. Hallucinations are different from delusions:

Delusions: Delusions are false beliefs held to be true, despite evidence to the contrary. They can be bizarre (the government is after me) or non-bizarre (someone is stalking me).
Hallucinations: Hallucinations includes disturbance or difficulty with our senses (hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling).
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Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Autism Awareness Day: The Family Experience

When children come into the world the last thing we think is that the child is going to encounter a difficult developing experience. Babies come into the world so innocently and unprepared for the road ahead. Their survival depends on the love and care of their parent(s), but their overall development is controlled by biology, that is, genes.

When children are untreated due to lack of...
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