It is quite an honor to be given, by Psychcentral, a broader platform to speak about the issues that plague lives in this nation. We have so many issues to discuss, reflect upon, and reform. It is disheartening that we, as a society and as mental health professionals, only think in-depth about mental health treatment and severe or untreated mental health when something tragic occurs. It is usually when the tragedy strikes at home and the fear of becoming a victim of violence strikes at our innermost being that we react.

Therapists, advocates, grass-roots organizations, mental health professionals, and behavioral researchers sit back and cringe at the horrifying news stories that circulate in our media. The haunting reality for us is that we live in the reality that severe and untreated mental illness remains largely unrecognized by the public.

Families, caregivers, parents, and friends yell louder for reform and nothing happens. They fight harder for attention, yet nothing happens. They write their legislators and still nothing happens. What will it take and whose voice will finally be heard? As a therapist, I must admit many times I feel professionals in the field are not doing enough. I ponder almost daily what more I can do to change or enhance the system. Sometimes it feels like humanity is too “small” to battle such a large system referred to as the mental health system. Social services can be a very complicating and frustrating realm for many.


I’m hoping that through this site you will be able to find information you cannot easily find elsewhere. I plan to allow my heart to guide my words, find resources for you, and expound upon the issues of the system. Resources, videos, posts, news reports, and questions to invoke passionate discussion will be found here. There are 2 main topics that this site will address:

  1. Severe or untreated mental health and relevant issues
  2. Self-care/spiritual reflection on issues of life


As you do your part (sharing, discussing, tweeting, posting, asking questions, etc.), I will do my part in helping to contribute, circulate, and learn more about your needs.


Lets make this part of PsychCentral a stimulating place for caregivers, families, and friends who feel lost in the system and hopeless.


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