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Archives for January, 2013

Mental Illness

Schizophrenia: Symptoms, Behaviors, and Subcategories (audio clips)

Many families often say that living a life with schizophrenia is a long journey for everyone involved. For many, the journey feels like blindly walking through a forest where many trees block the view of the road ahead. As discussed in the previous article, schizophrenia is often viewed as "a diagnosis with a poor prognosis." Some studies show that schizophrenia can be improved with appropriate and timely treatment. Medication adherence is often the...
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Getting Started: Offering Hope Through Knowledge

It is quite an honor to be given, by Psychcentral, a broader platform to speak about the issues that plague lives in this nation. We have so many issues to discuss, reflect upon, and reform. It is disheartening that we, as a society and as mental health professionals, only think in-depth about mental health treatment and severe or untreated mental health when something tragic occurs. It is usually when the tragedy strikes...
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