10 Unbelievable Behaviors Of The Narcissist

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Do you know what narcissistic personality disorder is? Would you be able to spot it if you had to? For most people, their belief is that narcissism is "easy" to spot because laymen and pop psychology characterize narcissism as selfish ambition, arrogance, cockiness, inconsiderate of others, and a strong desire to...


Borderline Personality: 8 Confusing Symptoms That Leave Us Guessing

What do you think of when you hear the term "borderline?"

What do you think of the term borderline? For most people, borderline signifies split person," "switchable," "unstable," or "unsure  behavior pattern. It isn't always easy to identify the disorder, especially among laymen.

This article will discuss some common signs of BPD that often confuses those in relation to the person with BPD.

I will discuss common BPD symptoms and codependency in the included videos as well.


4 Benefits Of Painful Experience

Have you noticed that some of the most compassionate, understanding, modest, and intuitive people seem to be those who have suffered, been oppressed, or are in constant search for life’s ultimate meaning? I have and I find that it is an interesting phenomenon.

As stated in a previous article, it was not until rain and “dark-valleys” appeared in my life that I grew and could see my potential.

This article will discuss the upside of pain and will...


Mass Murderers: 9 Reasons They Slip Through The Cracks (Video)

Did you know that severe/untreated mental illness accounts for between 5% and 15% of community violence, according to the Treatment Advocacy Center?

Did you know that prisons across the nation are filled with those who have severe mental illnesses?

It's a fact that severe and untreated mental illness can result in criminal behavior. We cannot, for fear of stigma, minimize this. We do NEED to ensure we provide clear and correct facts.

In this article, I...


10 Ways To Live With The Explosive & Labile Personality

Do you know someone who tends to take every little thing you say personally and holds a long-term grudge against you?

What do you think the problem is? Is it the offense itself or could it possibly be the personality of the offended?

Sometimes it's both. The negative effects of living with a rageful, angry, selfish, and domineering person can be significant.

The emotional, psychological, and physiological effects can also be great. A raging...


Transference: 13 Reasons Your “Connection” Could Be False

Have you ever heard of the term transference? Do you know what it means?

Would you know you are experiencing it if you came across someone who reminded you of someone else?

When I ask these questions during my group seminars for parents I often get blank stares. Those blank stares typically occur because the parents either don't know what transference is, have never heard of it before, or has little insight into if and when...


12 Traumatic Situations We Tend To Ignore

What do you know about trauma?

What makes a traumatic situation traumatic?

Emotional and psychological trauma affects about 26% of the child US population. About 60% of adults report experiencing trauma in some form as a child. When speaking with families who have experienced trauma, I often explain it to be an event or circumstance that negatively affects an individual who does not have the appropriate coping skills/tools to overcome the trauma.

Trauma can result...


9 Signs Of Psychological and Emotional Manipulation


Have you ever experienced it at the hands of someone close to you? What about with a spouse, colleague, a boss, a friend, or a family member? Sometimes you may even be controlled by a neighbor!

Control is a powerful word. It is a powerful force within the human race. It denotes a power to dictate, influence, maneuver, or direct.

If you look up the term "control," it is synonymous with intimidating words including: sway, authority,...


Compassion Fatigue vs. Burn-out: 3 Tools That May Help

Do you know what compassion fatigue is? If yes, where did you hear the term?

What do you think the term means?

For many people who work in the helping profession as well as social service jobs like policing or FBI work compassion fatigue is likely to occur at some point in their lives. For those, such as myself, who work in the helping profession, compassion fatigue might also accompany burn-out.

It isn't surprising that some individuals...


Psychotherapy: 9 Possible Reasons Why It Isn’t Working

What would you consider to be effective and helpful psychotherapy? Would you be able to describe or define it if you had to? Many of my clients (current and previous) have stated they could. But when asked to define it, they struggle.

One of the reasons may be because therapy is not 100% dependent upon the therapist providing a service. Psychotherapy is dependent on "group effort" (, the effort of both client and therapist). Without...


10 Ways to Manage Unhealthy and Toxic People

How would you know that a person is “toxic?”

Would you know that a person is toxic right away?

The word toxic is a very common word in today's society. It's even more popular online where you can find millions of articles on relationships and ways to survive in them.

Sadly, despite frequent searches online about this topic, it's easy to struggle to identify the behaviors of a toxic...

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