freedom from bullying?As I’m sure you know the Mid-East Atlantic Coast has been pummeled by Hurricane Sandy. I am based in New York City and it has been quite difficult to manage! I am blessed that my home is safe, and while my private practice office in Union Square remains in the dark , the Freedom Institute office is running with a skeleton (and DEDICATED) staff!

I hope to be fully up and running by early next week. If you can, donate to the American Red Cross to help our fellow Americans in need. Additionally, here’s an excellent post on to how to be of service. While this is not directly related to bullying, if we can help those in need it fosters empathy and compassion within us – two things that do beat bullies.

As a native NJ/NY resident  seeing places that I’ve loved my whole life – the New Jersey Shore and Long Beach, NY – and the the neighborhood I consider my second home – Union Square, NY – broken is heartbreaking.

Thank you for reading!

Statue of Liberty photo available from Shutterstock