beating a bullyWhitney Kropp, a sophomore at Ogemaw Heights High School in Michigan, was recently voted in as part of the homecoming dance court. For many teen-aged girls, this is an exciting way to start the new school year. For Whitney though, her election on the court was part of a cruel prank a la many a teen movie.

This prank is only one example of the bullying Whitney has encountered; she’s been ridiculed both in school and online as well.  As a result, once-silent bystanders, both local and afar, have come to her side in a show of support.To help raise awareness of this issue, local businesses have donated salon services, clothing and accessories. Facebook supporters have created a support Whitney Kropp facebook page.

It took a village to turn this prank around. As we pay more attention to bullying, it’s easy to feel hopeless and think it will never get better. This town in Michigan, and numerous online supporters, have done otherwise: they took the power away from the bullies and turned this target into genuine homecoming royalty.

Prom photo available from Shutterstock