bully action planThe film “Bully” propelled this topic into the forefront of our nation’s mind. Bullying can no longer be minimized, disregarded and ignored. The dialogue continues on how to best address this issue in school communities. More and more resources are available to help educators, students and families address this topic. My belief is that regardless of what programs a school community puts in place, intervention and prevention efforts must happen concurrently in order to minimize the proliferation of bullying. 

Parents have to do their part as well. Teaching our children about mutual respect, modeling for them how to deal with conflict and responding appropriately when our child is either a target or a bully, are essential daily lessons.

BULLY: An Action Plan for Teachers, Parents and Communities to Combat the Bullying Crisis is out now. You can purchase the book here. It’s a companion book for the film “Bully.” I have not read it myself yet but I look forward to. If you have read it and have used it’s curriculum in your community, please comment! I’d love to read your feedback.