There seems to be an app for everything these days. CNN’s blog on Education recently posted about some ingenious students at Metropolitan Academy in New Haven, CT, who are creating an iPhone app that lets students anonymously report bullying to school administrators.

The app, Back Off Bully, allows bystanders to let School Administrators know who the bully/bullies were, where the incident took place and who was victimized. Too often, I hear young people worry that if they stand up to a bully, they will become the next victim. Yet bystanders of bullying are the most powerful people in the dynamic!

The reporter who interviewed the student inventors highlights that this app transforms smart phones from weapons used to bully to a means to empower young people. The students have found a way that work with (not against) young people’s proclivity towards technology, making it easier to become upstanders. The easier it becomes to stand up to bullying, the more likely it’ll happen.

So it’s true, there is an app for everything.


UPDATE 6/26/12: The Judson Independent School District in Texas also launched an anti-bullying app! It’ll be interesting to follow these new tools against bullying. Apps may not be the way to end bullying but they can be one of the ways. 

Teen with phone photo available at Shutterstock.