Amy Weber posted an excellent, thought-provoking blog post here.

She discusses how society at large has created bullying and posits this answer to why bullying exists:

Hatred is nothing new. But a reality that we may need to start facing if we are going to solve this issue is that hatred is not innate. Plain and simply, it is learned. It manifests from a single or multiple source where a child is listening and watching. At home, a babysitter’s house, preschool, TV, online, our public figures and leaders, and out in the world. Our children are little sponges, with no ability to filter for themselves what they should take in or throw out. Everything they see and hear has an impact and is teaching them how to relate to others in the world and more importantly, how to relate to themselves. And the mirror they are reflecting back to us reveals an ugly truth that can longer be denied; this epidemic is the result of our society’s relentless intolerance and cruelty toward each other over a period of decades, coupled with technology that has desensitized humans from one another.

The Bully Chronicles is Ms. Weber’s current film project. Upon reading about the film, I’m excited to follow the it’s development. Ms. Weber’s film will help the viewer understand this horrid interpersonal dynamic from the victim’s eyes and the bully’s. We all want to understand why this happens and I applaud Ms. Weber’s attempt in answering that question.

Educational films about bullying will help school counselors, teachers and consulting mental health care professionals like myself discuss this topic with our students in a way that is relevant while evoking identification with the characters depicted.

As the school year starts to wind down, I hope that we all continue to keep this topic at the forefront of our consciousness. Summer can be a welcomed respite for our young people who are victimized. For our young people who bully, this could be the opportunity they need to evaluate why/where this behavior comes from…with our guidance, of course!

Finding out from a school administrator or another parent that your child is a bully is a difficult pill to swallow for any parent. Please keep your eyes open for my post on what you can do when you find out your child is bullying. It’s a difficult post to write, I admit, and have been mulling about how to address it for some time.

Perhaps “The Bully Chronicles” will help us all.