41 thoughts on “4 Things to Remember When You Can’t Take It Anymore

  • February 15, 2012 at 10:40 am

    read this just 5 minutes after i listened to a phone message from my husband where he screamed so loud, i could not understand what he said except “i cannot take it any more”. so here i am the day after a beautiful valentine’s day with him, again not knowing what i will walk into when i get home. my reaction…i thought about it a minute, took several deep breaths, said tomorrow is another day and know that i cannot control his behavior no matter what he feels or does. texted him to tell him i did not understand anything he said and now i wait for an answer.
    who ever said living with a bi-polar, rapid cycler or not, did not know the half of it.

    • February 15, 2012 at 4:54 pm

      Hi Deb,

      So sorry these are difficult days for you, but I love how you breathed, realized that you were in just this moment (not tomorrow), and let go of the idea that you can control others’ behavior. Great!

  • February 15, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Wonderful post. Life changes every single second of every single day and I find that kind of reassuring. When I’m down, I remind myself that things change, whether you want them to or not. You don’t even necessarily have to do anything. Just wait. Every second is different from the second before.

    • February 15, 2012 at 7:23 pm

      Very true, Sophia! Thanks for the insight!

  • February 15, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    I just got home from a therapy session. On the way home I was so upset I bit myself badly on my left arm. I’ve been battling with my therapist about getting medication for depression; she feels I don’t have major depression so she’s adamantly opposed to it. I’ve got an obsession about getting medication to the point she doesn’t want to hear about it anymore, and since & my doctor work together, he won’t prescribe without her OK. There are times I’m OK & other times I come unglued over this policy. Any suggestions? (I purposely do not triangulate with my health care providers even when doing so makes me feel crazy!)

    • February 16, 2012 at 1:24 pm

      Hi Kathryn,

      Wow, I’m sorry you had such a bad day! I encourage you to remember that emotions tend to be transitory so you may not have needed to wound your arm in order to deal with them. I can’t speak directly to your situation because it sounds fairly complex and I only have one side of the story. I think it’s really important that you share your feelings and the fact that you wounded yourself with your therapist.

  • October 16, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    heavy sigh! What happens when the common wisdom that “emotions are transitory” just really is not true? I am a 64 yo woman who left an abusive relationship two years ago. I have been diagnosed with CPSTD–not a new condition, only a new “code”. I have lived with “anxiety/depression” at a debilitating level for most of my adult life, but the past two years have been a nightmare. It is with me 24/7. I go to bed frightened; I wake up frightened. I live, work, go about my daily life [barely] in a constant state of hypervigelance, with my heart pounding, tears nearly falling from my eyes, startling at every noise, and on and on. Whatever all of these “emotions” are called, they are NOT transitory–they have taken up house in my heart, my brain, my body and my soul. Therapy, medication and even acupuncture makes no difference. I am alone in this world–no family, no close friends, no colleagues, no one I could call if I became ill or injured. Sleep is the only antidote and even then, the dreams come. When I awake my body is cramping from having slept gripping myself so hard. I’ve even broken ribs and a each thumb over the years while I slept, from holding myself so tight in fear.
    Living in the moment is not a good place to be.

    • October 17, 2013 at 11:06 pm

      Kiva, I’m really sorry for the experience you’re having. You’re right, the idea that emotions are transitory doesn’t always hold true 100% of the time. But it’s true most of the time.

      I’m very sorry to hear about your Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and how impactful that is for you. However, there are very effective treatments available for it and, if medication and therapy hasn’t helped, find another therapist because PTSD is quite treatable.

      And feeling like you’re alone in the world is also really tough, but even with your symptoms, you can reach out to others and develop your own community.

      I’m not trying to make light of your experience – I’m sure it’s really awful – but I do want you to know that you can still take action to help yourself.

      • March 20, 2016 at 9:52 pm

        Unbelieveable!!! Does this woman have ANY training or experience in Trauma symptoms or treatment. Complex Trauma is completely different from PTSD. The world experts in Complex Trauma (Herman, van der Kolk, Schore, van der Hart, Courtois, Ford etc) have all campaigned for a separate diagnostic criteria in DSM 5 and, much to their frustrations, this was rejected and it was lumped in under PTSD. I suggest that, to assist with your understanding of symptoms, and empathy towards those who experience them, that you read the books of the above mentioned world experts. To suggest to someone whose trust in others has been destroyed that they can “reach out” to others is completely invalidating. You showed no understanding for the self harm behaviour whatsoever. To suggest that people who suffer with this condition are, in any way, able to tolerate their emotions is simplistic and discounts a major diagnostic criteria for the condition, not to mention significant miss-attunement.

        We are NOT talking about a one-off trauma event resulting in PTSD which, as you rightly say, is easily treated with CBT/EMDR/CAT etc. Complex Trauma, at best, takes years of intense therapy from therapists trained and experienced in trauma therapy. It takes an understanding of trauma and abuse originating in childhood, and ongoing throughout adulthood. It takes an understanding of Affect Dysregulation, Dissociation, Attachment Disorders, Hyper/Hypo-Vigilance, Hypersensitivity, Affect Disorders, Personality Disorders, etc etc. People with Complex Trauma (cPTSD) generally have a polydiagnosis list on their medical records and generally need a three phase (evidence based) therapy treatment regime. For these people, their emotions are anything but transient. They are, by definition chronic and complex. To be told to live in the moment is almost as difficult as telling a rape victim to live in their “moment” and to endure/tolerate their pain in the moment. Chronic Trauma reliving is a cardinal symptom of cPTSD/Complex Trauma. Environmental triggers for flashbacks are common and often unconscious. Attachment and resiliency skills, which most of us receive developmentally in childhood are almost non-existent, weak or confused.

        You should make it clear that the 4 tips you are suggesting are indeed helpful, BUT ONLY for mild to moderate every-day human sufferings (such as your grief over your father, which does in deed ease with time). However, if you read the DSM 5 diagnostic criteria you will note that the main qualifying symptom is that the anxiety/fear symptoms last for 6 months or longer – hardly transient!

        I feel so angry that, despite readily available evidence-based research, knowledge & available training on Child Abuse, Complex Trauma, cPTSD, DESNOS, DID etc, our professionals (so called) seem entirely ignorant of the chronis severe suffering of many of their patients. Yet again, our society seems determined to ignore abuse in it midst and, in doing so, to enable that abuse to continue unabated and unchallenged. The victims continue to be unvalidated and abandoned by the very people who profess to care, yet can’t be bothered reading up on vital information readily available to them. Shame.

      • March 30, 2016 at 12:44 am

        Crow, I absolutely agree. It’s so important for the authors to state for whom their articles meant and have titles that reflect this. As someone who experiences much of the same daily torture as Kiva, I was angry and offended by Ms. Emel’s response to her. How is someone in this state supposed to be able to make sense or use of statements like: “…you can reach out to others and develop your own community.” and “…I do want you to know that you can still take action to help yourself.”? Really? When one’s depression and symptoms are so debilitating and is in such pain every day how can one possibly reach out to others, develop our own community, or take action to help ourselves? Those of us who have survived severe ongoing childhood trauma (I’m speaking of myself here), but resulted in cPTSD, DID, and other major mental health issues, trying to make it through another day is all encompassing. It’s naive at best to provide such a trite response.

        Ms. Emel states, “I’m not trying to make light of your experience – I’m sure it’s really awful…”, but, unfortunately, she has made light of Kiva’s (and others like her) situation. Yeah, it is really awful. So much more awful than I suspect Ms. Emel can truly imagine. I doubt Kiva will read this at this point, but I’m quite sure the response she received left her feeling even more empty and misunderstood.

        As for the title of this article, I found it really misleading. I was hoping for suggestions on ways that might help a bit when I’m so tired of enduring this pain every day and I’m close to the point where I just can’t take it anymore, not the simplistic suggestions that are constantly being thrown around (yes, these techniques do work and often have lasting effects in situations that aren’t so severe). Tips that are based on knowledge of what might help people who really can’t take it anymore would be so much more useful. A title like “4 Things To Remember When You’re Having a Very, Very Bad Day” would be more appropriate. For authors of articles here and administrators of this site, please, please consider how an article is titled, who it is geared for, and the importance of responding to posts with knowledge, true empathy, awareness of your (the author’s) scope of expertise, when to refer someone to a proper resource and provide this resource if possible (suggest a different article, give phone numbers of national mental health organizations or NAMI, etc.).
        So I’ve added my two cents worth and now it’s time to fight my terror of going to sleep…or I’ll just reach out to that community I was able to create because I’m really good at helping myself even when I’m in the middle of a flashback, unable to leave my house, or paralyzed by anxiety (please bear with my snippiness; I was hoping to find some help here).

        For those who might wonder: yes, I’m in therapy with someone who has a profound understanding of childhood trauma that went on for years and how to help me with my symptomology and severe depression, in addition to a psychiatrist with similar experience. If someone is reading this and is at a point where you are suffering as Kiva is, please find a therapist who has experience with your illness immediately even if it means changing therapists (I know that is really hard).

  • June 12, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    I did try to post a comment but the message said that my email was not valid – this is my email and would appreciate hearing back from you. Thanks, Gail

  • June 30, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    There are times when I can put my depression and mental illness on a back burner, or find something to do that is momentarily enjoyable, but the problem is that the problem is still there, Strong, in full bloom and waiting to make me despondent and suicidal again. I do not try and fool myself into thinking it will someday be better. I tried that for decades and despite inpatient treatment several time, sometimes for months, and medications, and groups, the problems are still there. I’ve tried the wrong ways to medicate with drugs and alcohol, but when sober the problems are magnified. I no longer do that and some days I can’t find a respite at all. I think reading is probably my best way to get away and enjoy the trouble free time. Close the book and it is the same. To be truthfull I am not sure why I haven’t committed suicide years ago. Even when dead the problems will be gone , but I’m not going to be aware of it. Life sucks.

    • June 30, 2014 at 7:31 pm

      Hi Jesse James,

      It sounds like you have some very serious issues that I can’t help you with via comments on a blog. I know you’ve tried lots of different treatment programs, but I encourage you to keep looking. There IS help out there!

  • January 17, 2015 at 8:11 am

    I know this post is old, but when looking for some answers I found this is somewhat helpful but not necessarily eye opening. So what do you do when the emotions don’t stop? What do you do when its full blown depression causing these issues? I’m probably not on the right post, but this just seems to be a quick fix for about 10 minutes and then I’d be sucked back into my silly brain.

  • January 19, 2015 at 5:25 am

    The problem isn’t just that “I know tomorrow is going to be different”. It’s not. I’m not going to pretend it is. When you look forward and know that the problem will still be there, it’s hard to just transcend your emotions. Sure I can try to fix the problem, but I’ve been trying without luck for several years. This burden, once lifted, will finally free me. Until then, I will be stuck in the cycle of immersing myself in my likes, only to come back to real life later.

  • May 9, 2015 at 10:56 pm

    There is a level of endurance that lasts decades. Sometimes the more you can bear the more God throws at you. It is little comfort knowing that this too shall pass. Because after it passes, then something more fierce requiring even more strength follows. After 50 years, exhaustion sets in. You realize that purgatory is real.
    The thing that keeps me from despair is knowing that God is in control. This life is a momentary trial compared with eternity. When you think you are alone is when you are closest to God. God is closest to us when we are suffering. It is foolish to take advice from feel good therapists, this kind of experience is spiritual. God and the bible are the RX.

    • August 27, 2015 at 12:26 am

      Jane. This just doesn’t work for everyone. I was born into a Christian family. I believed fully in what I was taught for years but guess what. I still have schizophrenia, depression, and ptsd. God didn’t fix it. God won’t fix it. And I still need medication for it. So no, God is not my Rx, God might have given science the ability to make the medication I need but saying that God will solve all your problems by just believing is a dangerous thing to say on a psych website. People DO need psychology and therapy and medication. Don’t tell me the only thing keeping me sane is “foolish”.

    • March 31, 2016 at 1:15 am

      Hey Jane, I just wanted you to know how much your words meant to me. Thank you.

  • June 21, 2015 at 6:00 pm

    Can’t take it anymore.
    My husband is dying slowly from pulmonary fibrosis and I am his full time caregiver. We have only his social security and our savings to live on. I am faced with the horrible reality of hoping God will call him home before we run out of money and become homeless. I am so sad. There is no help, I accept that most days. I think I came here just to express my grief and pain.
    I pray everyday for the relief of pain and suffering of all children, animals and good people, of which I am one….[the peoples, that is.)

  • October 2, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Emotions are often short-lived and transitory.
    Yes and no
    Think about your experience in the present moment rather than falling prey to words like always and forever.
    In my case it always happenes and will till the last breath.
    Take a deep breath and tolerate the painful emotion, holding on to the certainty that it won’t last forever.
    I do that and it helps but only for the moment
    Make sure to be present and actually notice when your emotions change.
    How I wish I wasn;t here or there or where ever when it does
    As a matter of fact, the pain you’re feeling might just be for today.
    Life IS pain and you must accept it.It is the constant nagging that reminds me of the things that make our species trully awfull

  • October 2, 2015 at 8:56 pm

    one more thing:What is normal,what is pain and what is happines….what is it all about anyway….

  • October 13, 2015 at 10:50 pm

    Just to clarify…cPTSD (Complex PTSD) is a million miles from common PTSD (which is relatively easily treated professionally). Complex PTSD is trauma that stems from childhood abuse. It causes permanent developmental changes to the brain that are not apparent in normal PTSD. It is not easily “treated” but can take a life-time of therapy and personal hard work just to learn tot manage the symptoms sufficiently to function as a member of society. The fear talked about above is a crippling severe fear that dominates the waking (and sleeping) hours of the client, resulting in hypervigilance, hypersensitivity to noise, intrusive images thoughts & emotions, overwhelming emotions, inability to trust people and so little if any social support, sensitivity to the world being a dangerous place, feelings of worthlessness, emptiness, fear of abandonment, inability to develop attachments or dysfunctional attachments, high chronic levels of stress hormones, poor concentration, memory loss due to stress hormones damaging the Hippocampus, profound self-hatred & suicidality etc. Telling someone to tolerate their feelings when their body and mind is in a state like this is cruel & impossible. Saying “This too shall pass” is scientifically wrong as it is highly likely to last a lifetime, with severe episodes being triggered by even minor stressors. Until our society faces up to the truth about the nature & pervasiveness of child abuse, and decides to do something effective to prevent it, and to offer adequate therapy to those who suffer daily with the repercussions of it then we SHOULD judge ourselves and feel heartily ashamed. It is much easier to bury our heads in the proverbial bucket of sand and pretend we live in a pink marshmallow rose-tinted world just because “I’m all right Jack”. Saying that “things will be different, or OK, tomorrow” just because we want them to be so (and our relatively protected lives lead us to believe this) does NOT make it so. No one ever helped anyone BUT THEMSELVES by being a wishful thinking bystander. What have YOU done today to stop child abuse?

  • October 13, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    No-one CHOOSES to be sick. Unconscious motivations & defences often can prevent us from accessing the help we need, and from taking the advice. Any Psychologist worth their salt would know how to circumvent these barriers to recovery. We have, after all been studying the effects of child abuse for over a hundred years (see Freud).

  • January 31, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    I read this as I was sitting in my car about to go in the grocery store. I was balling my eyes out feeling yet another episode of depression coming on. It sucks. All I want is to feel normal to wake up happy! This brought me back down to earth. In my moment of feeling helpless and hopeless, it reminded me that this too shall pass. It hurts I feel lonely, looked over, rejected but that’s how I feel now. I am looking forward to tomorrow, next week, next month, when I am through this dark part of my life and I’m smiling again remembering that value is within myself. I place too much emphasis on how others treat me. It’s very hard but I’ve gotten through it before and I shall get through it again

  • February 20, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    What if it doesn’t go away, what if this feeling just gets worse and you try everything with no effect. What if there’s something really wrong with me. While i feel i can justify what has annoyed me or is continueing to annoy me it sometimes seems ridiculous even to me but i cant stop being annoyed or upset or depressed. Medication does little and when i happens for long enough i have to consider that there must be something more wrong with me. It can’t be them all the time and everything i try to make it better is to no avail. Is it simply better to be alone and avoid the entire situation? If only i could afford to live by myself, i feel the least interaction i have to more happy i’ll be.

  • March 17, 2016 at 11:23 pm

    Oddly enough, simply reading this article helped me deal with the fact that I really just couldn’t take it any more. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  • August 21, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    I don’t have the luxury of temporary depression, or problems. Mine are and have always been permanent. It feels dismissive and insulting to read words suggesting these serious, and life-threatening issues can be brushed aside with some “living in the moment” and a little breathing. Mam, you have no clue what you are talking about, and no business dispensing advice to people with real problems.

    As for your special-needs weary friend, she disgusts me. How dare she bring a child into this cruel world, literally creating him/her with special-needs, then complain about the demands placed upon her own life? What a sickening, selfish person. Tell me, did the child ask to be born, or to live with the burden of having special-needs? Your friend deserves a stiff slap in the face. Very telling that you two friends are equally detached and clueless about the plights of those under your “care.”

    I’m sorry for that poor, unsupported child. Bobbi Emel MFB is more fitting.

  • December 29, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    This was so helpful. I’m bookmarking it. I rarely have feelings of profound or intense depression, but when I do, my mind immediately goes to “I’ll feel this way forever!” It has always passed in the past. I have always coped. The same will hold true the next time.

  • December 31, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    I took care of my folks for many yrs only going 500 miles home to take care of my house, now my niece went to prison and they got her out on 100000 bail for delivering meth.20 yrs so lucky her she lived with mom for 3 yrs, then sentencing. when po called and said she can ome home now mom said no shes dead to me. then she got her out again before i could travel back home to care for her. shes always been my beest friend, then i find out while she was in prison she filed an abuse case on ME. lied to mom said this is to get fam together. no it was to put ME in prison so she could take over my childhood home and live free. mom wailed shes not better she worse, yet shes so scared of her catching her talking to me mom lives in fear of contacting me. Now she keeps allowing aps caseworker in and agress with every LIE niece tells. So caseworkr said i cant talk to my mom cuz it upsets her? we never had an arguement but she has to fight daily with the niec/grandaughter 38 yrs old ..niece dragged her to att to get POWER I tol mom u dont give power to a sociapath. moms 90. but niece has phone tapped so even when mom or me worry about each other we cant talk. then the caseworkr said i wouldnt have my grandkids under my roof if they ere so disrespectful she said i ave to just go to my childhood home and remove in asap. next thing i know she gives her mpa and says its bad for her health to speak to me. mom goes along with this and i havent been in touch for months.ahe sent me a check for xmas and im sure she got hell for it as niece wants all money for herself. How dare her call me a dumf(*& when i called to beg mom to stop allowing this I said she was dead to u she hurt u she left u alone she didnt give lifesaving meds. But said I have POWER and u cant come home not even in a body bag cuz I said so hehehehe. evil narcissitic bitch mom never let her in before even begged me to never ever leave her alone with her grandaugther..so i didnt. now no contact and case worker told me that mom doesnt want to ver talk to u again respect her wishes. i know thats not her wishes I hate this woman /girl felon I never had an argument with her so why me? Her free ride of course. I wont see mom till funeral it hurts so much If she wsnt in fear o speaking to me i know she she would but the phone tapping prevents it.I want my mom and i together. she even said in last conversation she has got to go bk to prison get out of my house shes worse shes a bitch etc. Why do I belong in prison? Im broke disabled and 64. suddenly im an orphan. no one did for my fols like i did. no one helped me in a decade of my giving to them. Niece told my ins co i wasnt driving didnt need ins. made sure i got huge fine for ins gap just to make sure i couldnt just get down to the house! I hate this stupid case worker for not seeeing the true abuser.Telling me to stay away from mom now. after she said u better go get rid of that niece!? I never got a notice or a quit notice all she said is this hasnt gone public. well maybe t should so i could sue her for false accusations. HELP! mom and I will die alone ooor with this horrid niece who only wants power so she can put her in a home!and live scott free in MY childhood home which she so disrespects but if she got her own place.shed have to make alot of money..and she still after a yr out again has NO job!shes a manipulative foul mouthed control freak. And mom is trapped so am I. Confused how can anyone take my moms brain like this? she loves me but im suicidal ive nearly died and all i get is the cold shoulder. had my priest call niece said you are a dumb f*&^! he wanted to hear for himself . he said now thats pure evil. everyone says that including mom. but then she goes along with this felon. and drs etc have said no contact it happens and it isnt u its them. It sure is. I just want to go home!

  • March 14, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    Seriously? You have no clue. Life is horrible day after day after day for most of my 47 years. This article should be clear about the fact it is for people who have a few bad days and can’t deal. Let me know when you spent 10 years as a child being molested and abused followed by 30 years of coping with the aftermath on your own because you have no money for therapy or evwn meds. But you have too strong of morals to shoot yourself up with heroin or drink yourself into oblivion several times a week. The author is an idiot and needs to get real before she writes another idiotic article that only someone with absolutely no real knowledge but with a fancy degree would write.

    • March 27, 2017 at 10:38 pm

      You are so correct. I have to talk myself out of ending it all every day, and have done that for so many years I cannot remember not doing it. I hate my life and feel trapped. There is nothing else I can do at my age than what I am doing, and it is killing me. It has robbed me of everything to the point that I don’t feel like a person but a thing. I am miserable all the time. I have been to therapy over and over. This author is a complete moron, and should put on a damn happy face maybe write something about which he or she knows, because this is horsehockey. What a bunch of crap=a-doodle do.

    • April 15, 2017 at 8:43 pm

      I’m with you Ridiculous. Everybody in my life tells me things that pretty much equate to “get over it.” They have NO idea how bad it is. I have a sponsor who prides himself in beating me up instead of encouraging me. I just want to punch his face in and tell him to go bully someone else. I have tried to kill myself 17 times, two carbon monoxide poisonings (started house fire), two hangings, and several overdoses. Doctor just scratch their scummy heads and turn away. Everyone turns away or bullies me. I have endured years of bullying, priest sexual abuse, financial ruin, depression, anxiety/panic disorder, still suicidal. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS. I’m glad you get it.

      • April 20, 2017 at 1:51 am

        and your post is definitely written like you’re some middle schooler or Jr high student. Only someone that has a learning/developmental disability and/or has not yet made it to 9th grade would be able to announce 17 failed suicide attempts without cringing themselves into non-existence. This is why I figure you must be 6th to 8th grade. Take it from someone who clearly recalls those days, one day everyone is almost bragging about failing at suicide an absurd number of times, my God it’s just so cool to be that nihilistic and dark for a couple years there. Then suddenly one day it isn’t, holy cow suddenly you find yourself cringing at the memory of yourself announcing 17 failed suicides. So do your future self a favor and stop making these “I’m so hardcore I FAILED at suicide more than a dozen times” statements now so you’ll have less to cringe about in the future. I know you’re exaggerating it, but if we pretend that you’re actually being honest then think about this: everyone’s gonna assume you’re exaggerating anyway. No one’s going to believe you went and gave it your all for 17 attempts and managed to fail everytime. Every day people kill other people, succeeding in taking a life from someone who wanted to keep it. Meanwhile here you are failing almost 20x to take a life that WANTS to be taken. See where this is going? Doesn’t matter if you honestly failed 17x or are exaggerating, doesn’t matter at all, just STOP SAYING IT. Future you will thank you for putting an end to you painting yourself pathetic in the eyes of your fellow human beings.

        Also, everyone “gets it”, everyone has had those hopeless and depressing periods within their own adolescence. You grow out of it, so it’s hard for the rest of us to pretend to care when you start whining up a storm because we already know YOU JUST NEED TO GET OVER IT. We get it, we do, but if we molly coddle you you’re going to get stuck there and never figure out how to get over it. So stop with the pity party, the ‘boo-hoo woe is poor little me

    • April 19, 2017 at 8:47 pm

      You chose your name for posting your comment well, you are indeed ridiculous. Worthy of ridicule. What did you expect when you came here to read the article? Some magical few paragraphs that somehow contained the perfect answer to your problems? The perfect answer that managed to avoid you all those previous decades? I’m sorry but I totally doubt that you’re 47, your expectations are way, way too high for someone that says they’ve been living through shit day in day out for the last half century. You sound more like some angsty middle schooler BC if you were 47 youd’ve learned by now that NO ONE GIVES A SHIT YOU WERE MOLESTED! NO ONE CARES THAT THE ARTICLE LET YOU DOWN! GET OVER YOURSELF, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. YOUR ATTITUDE IS SO ABSURD THAT YOU’LL GO MUCH FURTHER IN LIFE IF YOU JUST STFU GOING FORWARD.

      • April 23, 2017 at 12:25 pm

        Dear “Illumined”, your name, also, seems an unfortunate mistake since you betray the fact that illumination is one of many things you seem to lack. I am sorry that you feel so angry & bitter regarding the suffering of another. Perhaps you have never received the love you feel you deserve. In order to survive this, you defend yourself with punitive condemnation. You then need to externalise this towards others, whom you now also mercilessly condemn and abuse.

        I hope, some day, you feel able to be more compassionate towards yourself, and therefore also others. That way you might be able to make the world (your life, and the lives of others) a better place, and not a significantly worse place. Cruelty benefits no-one.

  • May 18, 2017 at 10:52 am

    Thank you so much for writing this. Today is one of those days.

  • March 6, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    I have a hard time smiling when I am sad. If we were meant to, don’t you think we would naturally smile, rather than surpress our selves for others?

  • August 30, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    Well I was already about to lose it over constant problems and bad news – searching for help. I also have Aspergers/HFA and now I feel EVEN WORSE about the burden I put in others. Why bother? I give up.

  • October 12, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    What happens when it’s every day not just one day?


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